Who is your first NBA Draft topic?

Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith When Paolo Banchero..Orlando Magic has only a few days to announce its decision, and finally, we know it will be the first choice. draft From the NBA. by the way, Jumper Brazil Provides traditional cross-platform coverage for real-time adoption. But what makes each of these “unique” outlooks in this competition?

This is what we are dealing with here. Everyone actually already knows who these players are, as the profiles we publish on our site and the discussions on the internet disseminate a lot of information. But what distinguishes these possible stars in a “big picture” analysis? How can I summarize the game and actually define who will be the first choice?

Unusual draft

O draft This year is, above all, one of the very rare cases of reaching the last few weeks without a complete consensus on the first choice. I’ve been involved in media recruitment for the last 15 years, and I think it only happened twice during that time. In fact, I’m very happy twice. In short, entering the last day in this mystery is to take advantage.

In 2013, draft The wide open atypical Cleveland Cavaliers have dramatically increased trust with Anthony Bennett. It didn’t work, to say the least. Then, in 2020, there was still lively debate in the final stages about who should be the first choice.But everyone already knew what the Minnesota Timberwolves would choose. Anthony Edwards – In fact, as it happened.

It is worth mentioning that this is a discovery that does not reflect my opinion.and draft In 2007, Kevin Durant would have chosen before Greg Oden because of his history of center injuries. However, there was no doubt or even debate that oden would be the first choice. Anyway. In the 2014 draft, I really liked Jabari Parker.anything Andrew Wiggins It was always number one.

Very difficult choice

Holmgren, Smith and Banchero are so different from each other that they form a very difficult selection scenario. In fact, not only are they completely different players, but their choices indicate a particular priority and vision for the game.And they also symbolize different attitudes towards the (natural) risks represented by the choices made at the top. draft..

This is especially interesting because in general, the three outlooks are potential points. Predicting that these three prospects can take action in the same position, in fact, proves how diverse the NBA is already within itself. The idea of ​​a position in a league determined by diversity is undoubtedly outdated.

So, in a sense, the question of who to choose is what is important in today’s Center Forward (or Strongman).

Holmgren: Certain cases

The first choice is not uncommon draft You will be the most unique and most specific player available. By the way, this is a trend with “competition” over the top hires. In this case, of course, Holmgren comes out first.We’re talking about perhaps the most complete “unicorn” ever seen draft – Phenomenon from eternity.

In short, Center is a very mobile player that affects all areas of the game. He converted 80% of the shots attempted in the NCAA lane, and also demonstrates the most sharpened rim protection instinct in his class.Lead and pass the ball with better quality than expected big.. And in conclusion, he hit 39% of the three pointers last season.

From a technical point of view, in summary, it is difficult to find a significant flaw in Holmgren’s game. He’s not, as some say, a point guard on the body of the center, but just a technical influential person. And everyone already knows that the biggest (probably the only) question mark here is the physical shape, the slender body. A problem that really needs attention, but is sometimes exhausted and observed.

Seeing very lean athletes arrive at the competition, it is undeniable that there is an imminent risk of injury. Bruises are determined by something very mysterious, but you need to evaluate your physical examination and test it yourself. The NBA has a very strong border player, so his potential on both sides of the court will certainly be hit.

But at the same time, the league “redos” the athlete with its physical trainers and professionals. Skinny will never be skinny, even if you can’t see the “closet”. And finally, we are no longer dealing with the leagues you will face these “strong guys” every week.After all, most of today’s pivots are better than Holmgren. Shaquille For example, Akeem Orajwon.

Smith: Safe Choice

It makes sense that Smith clearly led in the first pick of the race. draft During the playoffs. The franchise is looking to the postseason, especially for trends. Which type of player wins a game or title in the current NBA? And more than that, who can’t stay on the court when competition is fierce?

In this sense, former Auburn is a prototype of an athlete who is not “taken away” from the court in the playoffs. After all, he offers the most functional qualities to today’s competitive teams. Long range shooting and scoring multiple positions. Since basketball today is played in space, these characteristics allow for intervals between attacks and less open defense.

I don’t think Smith is particularly fast, but he moves laterally and covers a lot of space (arms and long stride). In short, these are the keys to efficient defense in space. And his pitch is very difficult to fight because of his wingspan. By the way, the mechanism with a high launch point is the point that most justifies the comparison with Rashard Lewis.

Like Holmgren’s physique, Smith’s inability to make his own shots is a weakness for relativization. I think it’s really difficult to be a creator because of the unstable dribbling at the high center of gravity. At the same time, the ability to create your own shots from dribbles is something teams want to count on more and more. For example, a team that is working well today moves the ball to speed up and play.

Banker: Playmaker

If the NBA has one offensive asset that is as valuable as having many kickers, it has many kickers. Playmaker.. A player who creates not only for himself but also for others.Banchero is certainly an athlete who meets this profile in the top competition draft.. Things happen when you put the ball in their hands. After all, this game is still determined by the basket.

Forward is, in the first place mismatch A street with a great one-on-one game. We are dealing with a 2.08m tall, 113kg player who puts the ball down and makes things happen. Create midrange shots, attack shorter / slower enemies, and even end up in a lot of sophistication. He is an ambidextrous athlete who plays with rhythm and great footwork.

However, a player with his physique and scoring instinct often does not have the ability to create for others from Banchero.That will be your nickname Playmaker By the way, you will reach another level.He explores Disagreement For example, from the surroundings, when the lane is closed, you can pass a moving ball.do Drive and kick And distribute it to Rob, two key plays of the current NBA.

I’m most dependent on his long range shooting, so I’ll be really worried about Bancello’s defenses. And I don’t think it’s such a bad score, but that’s the problem mentioned above: it’s suffering in space. And this is because their lateral agility is below average. I love it so much in the current NBA that I don’t think the Italian team can change everything.

So what is the most important thing about power forwards? What is your first choice? draftAfter all, what if you were in Orlando Magic?

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