Viana International Tournament Starts This Thursday

The men’s senior national team will play in the first of two games this Thursday at 20:00. Biana do Castello International Tournament..The first opponent is SlovakiaDuel with Ukraine Saturday (6 pm).

Assistant coach in anticipation of this moment of preparation for the 2023 World Cup qualifying match Nunomanarte He was a spokesman for the technical team of the national team. For a 46-year-old coach, this is yet another training session that allows the Portuguese team to assess their condition, albeit short. And athletes. I want to understand where the team is, regardless of the outcome. The time is short, but you need to use it to prepare the best way for a qualifying match. We want to be at the highest level against Hungary and Montenegro, “he declares.

In a corner team analysis, Manalte emphasizes that having a strong, diverse and well-prepared team is an asset of the qualifying game. “When analyzing the national team’s game, we don’t really depend on one player. Fortunately, there can be many players and the team is diverse. Base, The end, the pole may be highlighted, but everyone can always contribute to something. Since every player is prepared, we have a lot to consider the balance that exists. We used players. This allows us to bet faster and stronger. We maintain quality throughout the game. This unpredictability presented by the team is also important when competing next week. It could be, “he concludes.

In the last call, he has a prominent name for his first appearance on the senior national team. NunosaThe 25-year-old Wing from Madeira was first summoned by national team coach Mario Gomez and, a few days after the first days of the internship, confirmed the positive experience he had gained in his recent work with the public. Team: “It was a positive experience. One of my personal goals was to reach the senior team, which was very good. The 96′, 97′, 98′ generation players There are many, but it was very easy in terms of adapting to the team, “he explains.

Satisfied with the call to the senior team, Nunosa believes this is the culmination of a very successful season at CAB Madeira SAD’s service. Regular, unfortunately I didn’t make it to the playoff semifinals. Personally it was fine, but overall our team was in a position that could make me stand out, which helped me evolve, “he says.

As for what he can bring to the workgroup, the young athlete does not hide that his dedication to the game is probably his best qualification. You can start the game “calmly”, but I always devote a lot to the game. I can contribute with that dedication and concentration, especially in defense. I think we can also help the group row in the same direction. I bring me a lot of commitment and concentration, “he explains.

The Viana International Tournament is another moment of preparation for the decisive qualifying game on July 1st and 4th. It’s a moment when Madeira’s winger is serious about it, and has already pointed out the “painful” game to be played next week. Recognizing which is the preparatory stage for the two decisive games we play, the goal is to actually gather working groups, win, and then in two “painful” games with Hungary and Montenegro. It ’s about fighting, ”he concludes. ..

O Biana do Castello International Tournament It will be held at José Natário Pavilion (free admission) and will only be broadcast live on FPBtv.

June 22, 2022

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