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The club has signed a contract with Tijuca Tênis Clube to compete in the Brazilian Club Championship-Basketball Development League starting in July.

Basketball is back in Vasco Dagama. As of July, the club’s teams under the age of 22 will be competing in the Campeonato Brasileiro de Clubes – Liga de Desenvolvimento de Basquete. This is the first step for Vasco to reopen its spot at Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB) in the 2022/2022 season. 2023 The news came out this afternoon when President Jorge Sargado signed an agreement to compete with the Tijuca Tennis Club.

“It is a great pleasure for Vasco da Gama as a basketball to announce the revival of a traditional and successful sport and this partnership with the Tijuca Tennis Club. Like football, fans will embrace this initiative. No doubt, and this is great news for clubs that are gradually and safely resuming their investment in Olympic sports, “said Jorge Sargado.

The signing of the agreement was attended by President Jorge Sargado, First Vice President Carlos Roberto Osorio, Vice President of the Olympic Games, Marcel Cascus, and Executive Manager of the Olympic Games Carlos Magno Barros. On behalf of Tijuca, President Hild Magno, Vice President of Land Sports, Antonio August Ribeiro, Vice President of Treasury, Gilbert Carneiro da Silveira, Vice President of Marketing, Marcio Borgino, and incentives There was a project manager, Gilbert Carneiro da Silveira Jr.

Campeonato Brasileiro Interclubes – Liga de Desenvolvimento de Basquete 2022 is the official men’s basketball championship under the age of 22, part of the official calendar of the entity, and the National Basketball League (LNB) with the support of the Brazilian Basketball Federation (CBB). Is sponsored by. )) And the Brazilian Club Commission (CBC) partnership.

“Tijuca welcomes this partnership between the two giants of the Rio de Janeiro basketball scene. This is just the first step in the partnership and will surely bear a lot of fruit,” said Tijuca President Hild Magno. Says.

At LNB, Vasco and Tijuca will play in Vasco shirts. This shirt pays for team registration, logistics, and mandatory sports insurance for the entire competition. Tijuca Tênis Clube uses the basic categories of this age group by providing athletes and coach staff. During the entire competition, the team will train at the Tijucano Club facility. As agreed by the Brazilian Club Committee (CBC), Vasco will cover the travel expenses.

On the Vasco da Gama side, activities are overseen and overseen by the Olympic and Paralympic Sports Division through Vice President Marcel Cascus and Executive Manager Carlos Magno Barros. On the Tijuca Tênis Clube side, the track and field sports department monitors and oversees activities through basketball director Marcio Luizda Costa Guimarães and vice president Antônio Augustodo Amaral Ribeiro.

The tournament will be held from July to October, CR Vasco Dagama / Tijuca will be classified in Group B, the first stage Esporte Clube União Corinthians / RS will be held from July 18th to 23rd, and the second stage Club Athletico Paulistano / will be held. increase. SP from August 24th to 30th. For the finals, the final stage will take place from September 26th to October 1st at Esporte Clube Pinheiros.

History – Founded in 1920, Basco’s basketball division is a tradition within the club. In addition to 16 Carioca titles, he won the 2000 and 2001 National Championships, the 1999 and 2000 South American Basketball League, and the 1998 and 1999 South American Club Championships. Meanwhile, the women’s team won the Brazilian Championship in 2001 and the South American Basketball League in 2002.

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