US Open Allows Russian and Belarus Players After Wimbledon Ban | US Open Tennis

At the National Open, Russian and Belarusian tennis players will be available this year, despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, and Wimbledon has banned them.

Lew Sherr, CEO and Executive Director of the United States Tennis Association, said in a telephone interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday that the Associated Press said, “Russians and Belarusians will be in the tournament because of concerns about detaining individual players. I have decided to participate. ” Responsible for their government actions and decisions. “

According to Shah, Russian and Belarusian players play under a neutral flag at Flushing Meadows, an arrangement used in various tennis tournaments around the world, including the French Open, which ended on June 5. intend to do something.

The US Open will begin on August 29th in New York.

Since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine in February, Russian athletes have been prevented from participating in many sports, including the World Cup qualifying playoffs for football. Belarus has supported Russia in the war.

Russia was also held at two international tennis team events, won by the Billie Jean King Cup and the Davis Cup.

The All England Club, whose main draw play at Wimbledon begins on June 27, announced in April that it would keep all Russians and Belarusians out of the field. In other words, Russia’s Daniil Medvedev, who is currently number one for men, is not eligible to participate. Medvejev is the US Open defending champion.

The Wimbledon ban, along with prominent players such as defending champion Novak Djokovic, was immediately criticized by the WTA and ATP.

In May, the WTA and ATP announced that they would not give ranking points to Wimbledon, the unprecedented condemnation of the All England Club, this year. Some players, including four-time major champion and former No. 1 Naomi Osaka, said they would consider playing in Wimbledon.

The ATP states that all points earned at Wimbledon in 2021 will be off the player’s record and no new points will be earned this year. The WTA has not determined exactly how the All England Club’s last year’s ranking points will be treated, but it is not possible to add new points based on the performance of this player.

Shah tells AP what happened in Wimbledon, both the All England Club’s move to keep players out of a particular country and the reaction of the tour, to USTA’s choice to include Russian and Belarusian players. He said he didn’t play a role either.

“Our discussion was really about the benefits and the principles on both sides of this discussion. It wasn’t a commercial or ethical issue,” he said. “There is controversy on both sides. Are you perceived to be supporting the vicious acts of the government? At the same time, do you hold individual athletes accountable?”

According to Shah, the WTA and ATP Pro Tour will have a series of conversations with Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian athletes and various tennis governing bodies, both tours will be headed by the USTA Board of Directors prior to the decision. I talked to.

The USTA plans to provide additional funding for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and will use the US Open as a platform to raise awareness about the war.

“This is a terrifying situation, and we absolutely condemn Russia’s provocative and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, along with everyone else playing tennis, and everything is assembled in that context. “Masu,” said Shah. “Some of these decisions can be difficult, but none of them correspond to the difficulties, tragedy and atrocities currently being experienced in Ukraine.”

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