“Unless FC Porto Brazilians play, Gonçalo Inacio will go to the national team.”

“No one in the newspaper or on TV says this. I honestly don’t understand this orgy,” says Manuel Fernandes.

Gonçalo Inacio is one of Ruben Amorim’s leading players in the most defensive sector of sporting. However, centre-backs have yet to attract national coach Fernando Santos and spotlight the main team of the corner team. This is a situation that offends Manuel Fernandes, a prominent figure in the history of sporting.

The former believes that Gonçalo Inacio and Ruben Dias are the future of Portugal’s defense. So, when Pepe is heading towards the end of his career, he doesn’t understand how the sporting midfielder isn’t called to the Portuguese national team.

“I think Ruben Dias is essential. I don’t say the same thing about Pepe. Pepe over 6 months may take a break given his age and the fatigue he has on his feet. , Pepe still justifies his call. ” Manuel Fernandes and Gonçalo Inacio are unaware that they are not on the national team.

What’s more, Manuel Fernandes says he hasn’t seen a Portuguese soccer player in Portugal with Gonzalo Inacio skills in defensive techniques.

Unless the former Lions are admitted, “another Brazilian from FC Porto” appears to be naturalized. Former green and white players point to the future of Gonçalo Inacio.

“Unless another Brazilian from FC Porto appears, regarding what is in Portuguese football for Portuguese players. Therefore, Gonzalo Nasio is now the third center of the Portuguese national team. It is Pepe, Rubendias and Gonzalo. It’s Inacio, “he complained. Former Portugal International Forward.

Meanwhile, Manuel Fernandes regretted the media’s silence regarding the choices of the Fernando Santos national team.

“Honestly, I can be surprised that no one in the newspaper is talking about this. No one in the newspaper says this. No one on TV says this. I honestly do a lot. I don’t understand that this orgy between people and football continues this way. It’s becoming less and less serious, “he criticized. Manuel Fernandes.

In a statement on Sporting TV, the legend of green and white claimed that “no one says that Gonçalo Inacio’s injustice is not included in this selection.”

“No one, but if they were players from other clubs, ah ah ah! They would certainly say. I will keep it,” Manuel Fernandes warned, Gonçalo Inacio to Sporting. Evaluated the service provided.

“He has already shown why Ruben Amorim considers him essential. He is 20 years old but mature. He is a very calm child with an extraordinary sense of position. Gonçalo Inacio will once again be an integral part of Ruben Amorim.

“I think there are 10 more people with him on this model of Ruben Amorim,” he emphasized, adding that Gonçalo Inacio “will be a top quality player.”

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