Today is the VI version of Twitter’s NBA Mock Draft BR

Today is the VI version NBA Mock Draft BR and twitter!!So I was inspired by the blog staff False start Br, O Jumper Brazil For the sixth consecutive year, we bring ideas to please the best basketball fans in the world.

From this Tuesday (21), 20:04 (Brasilia Time), the VI NBA Mock draft BR, has a Brazilian profile showing each franchise choice twitter..

Therefore, in order to run the simulation step by step, use the tag #NBAMockDraftBR. twitter..In addition, the official profile of Jumper Brazil Act as the NBA Commissioner and retweet all picks.Moreover, due to dynamism, this does not allow exchange mockAnd only the selection of the first round is made.

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Finally, the NBA’s goals Mock draft BR is:Generate interactivity between the Brazilian profile of the franchise and the followers who accompany us twitterAnd get an idea of ​​what’s happening in the minds of the fans regarding the recruitment of each team.

Please look forward to it. Please join us from the #NBAMockDraftBR tag.

6th NBA Participant Mock draft EN:

1-Orlando Magic: @magiccastbrasil (Luiz Fernando Filho and Vagner Vargas)
2-Oklahoma City Thunder: @oklahoma_br (Filipe Andre)
3-Houston Rockets: @ClutchCityBR (Pedro Santos)
4-Sacramento Kings: @Kings_BR (Rodrigo Faria)
5-Detroit Pistons: @PistonsBrasil_ (Mateus Leite)
6-Indiana Pacers: @pacers_brasil (Gustavo Morelli)
7-Portland Trail Blazers: @BlazersBrasil (Roberto Almeida)
8-New Orleans Pelican: @NOPelsBrasil (Ivan Martins)
9-San Antonio Spurs: @SpursBR_ (Left Ramon)
10-Washington Wizards: @brasil_wizards (Maicon da Silva)
11-New York Knicks: @RadioKnicksBR (Alexandre Murrer)
12-Oklahoma City Thunder: @Fast_BreakNBA (Nathan Pinheiro)
13-Charlotte Hornets: @CebolaDosHolnet (Caio Felipe)
14-Cleveland Cavaliers: @Cavaliers_BRA (BrunoJácome)
15-Charlotte Hornets: @PodcastSplashBr (GuilhermeTaniguchi and LeonardoPaglioni)
16-Atlanta Hawks: @ brasilcoast2 (Willian Wallace)
17-Houston Rockets: @spacecitybr (Mateus Sampaio)
18-Chicago Bulls: @SeeRed_Br (Winicius Machado)
19-Minnesota Timberwolves: @twolves_brasil (Rodrigo Barbosa)
20-San Antonio Spurs: @CulturaPopPod (Bruno Fernandes)
21-Denver Nuggets: @MHB_Brasil (Leonardo Martins)
22-Memphis Grizzlies: @MemphisGrzBR (Ismael Hannecker)
23-Philadelphia 76ers: @DepreSixers (Gabriel Griebler)
24-Milwaukee Bucks: @Bucks_Brasil (Luiz Henrique Santos)
25-San Antonio Spurs: @tankometro (Vinicius Costa)
26-Houston Rockets: @ClutchCityBR (Pedro Santos)
27-Miami Heat: @PortalMiamiHeat (Igor Escrew)
28-Golden State Warriors: @brwarriors_ (João PedroBernardes)
29-Memphis Grizzlies: @MemphisGrzBR (Ismael Hannecker)
30-Denver Nuggets: @MHB_Brasil (Leonardo Martins)

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