Three Reasons The Lakers Don’t Participate in the Kyrie Irving Battle


Most fans liked the idea after the Lakers were announced to be interested in point guard Kyrie Irving if they didn’t sign an extension with Nets, but a few others like that. A game that raised the nose, thinking that the player could be confused. Lakers method.

That said, here are three points the Lakers should consider to avoid bringing Kyrie Irving to Los Angeles.

1. Long-term contract

Best of all, the Lakers can convince Killy not to choose his contract option and sign the first year’s contract with the team. If both sides succeed, the board and Killy will negotiate an extension of the next offseason.

However, this option should not be easily available. Killy’s player options give him an edge. If he imagines the Lakers may not give him a contract extension, he can easily take advantage of other teams on the market.

Irving is eligible for contract extension under the following conditions:

2022-23: $ 42.7 million

2023-24: $ 46.1 million

2024-25: $ 49.8 million

2025-26: $ 53.8 million

2026-27: $ 58.1 million

Irving is only thirty years old, but making a long-term commitment to a troubled off-court player like him is dangerous.

2. Lack of commitment

The Lakers are still aiming to fight for the title while Lebron remains in Los Angeles. Irving has shown indifference to prioritizing conquest for all his skills. He requested a trade from the Cavs before the 2018 playoffs. He disrupted the Boston Celtics in the 2019 playoffs. Shortly after the 2021 season began, I was absent from the internet for a long time. Nets title window season. The Lakers, meanwhile, demanded vaccination of athletes before the 2021-22 season. What if Killy was in Los Angeles?

Will Revlon’s presence and landscape changes suddenly turn Killy into a more interested player? We do not know.

3. Behind-the-scenes issues

The Lakers ended the season, which was partially plagued by internal tensions. Russell Westbrook would never have respected Frank Vogel or his coach staff. He wondered if Lebron and AD really made an effort to “make Russ a Russ.”

Apart from the issues mentioned above, Irving was not an ideal colleague. On Monday, Steve Nash revealed that Irving had his own training session in Nets while Steve Nash was running his teammates.

Durbinham may be serious about getting Killy’s respect and stopping selfish behavior. However, Nash was the first Hall of Fame that Irving respected.

Regardless of how the off-season takes place, the Lakers have veterans and there is still a very suspicious roster next season. In the midst of a powerful Western Conference, the margin of error is very small. If they want a smooth year with a true title spirit, wouldn’t Killy be the best guy to board?

If Killy’s performance over the last three years hasn’t convinced Nets to commit to him despite his talent, why should the Lakers be confident?

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