These are the 10 products whose prices went up last week

The war in Ukraine fueled a steady rise in food prices, and this week was no exception.

According to a practiced value analysis by Deco Proteste, the price of baskets of essential foods rose 0.95% (1.91 euros more) between June 8th and 15th, reaching a cost of 203.20 euros.

After February 23, when Deco began its analysis, buying the same basket of food the day before Russia invaded Ukraine would cost € 19.57 (10.66%).

The Consumer Protection Association monitors weekly prices for baskets of 63 essential foods, including commodities such as turkey, chicken, merlus, horse mackerel, onions, potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, oranges, rice, spaghetti and sugar. increase. , Ham, milk, cheese, butter.

this week, The 10 products with the largest price increases Hake (up 17%), carolino rice (up 9%), frozen peas (up 8%), sea bass (up 6%), black scabbard (up 6%), hake medallions (up 6%), sea bream (plus 4%) ), Red potato (plus 4%), fish duradinho (plus 4%), zucchini (plus 3%).

Analyzing only the product categories with the highest prices between February 23 and June 15, the eve of the armed conflict in Ukraine, cooking oil was the most prominent, rising at a rate of 50 inches. increase. According to Deco.

The association explains that this increase is due to the fact that Portugal “relies heavily on external markets to guarantee the supply of grain needed for domestic consumption.” , Wheat (19%) and rice (16%).

“And if grain self-sufficiency was about 50% in the early 1990s, that value now does not exceed 19.4%, one of the lowest in the world, and the country imports about 80% of grain. I’m forced to do that. “, Add Deco.

The organization said, “Most of the grain consumed in the European Union, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in Portugal, has put even more pressure on the sector for months working on the consequences of a pandemic and drought. It has a strong impact on production and inventory creation. “

“Therefore, the limited supply of raw materials and the production cost required to produce agricultural products, that is, the increase in energy, may be reflected in the rise in prices in the international market and, as a result, in the prices of consumers. There is, “he emphasizes.

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