The shortage of players will be a basketball repeater on the court and 3×3-06 / 22/2022

When the women’s 3×3 basketball team was summoned during the World Cup training phase starting today (22), the list includes three women’s basketball league (LBF) scorers, three rebound leaders and an assist leader. Was included. And even though all four of the most efficient players in the tournament didn’t have a career in the new Olympic sport.

3×3 is as different from indoor basketball as beach volleyball is like indoor volleyball. However, in the case of women, due to lack of manpower, Brazil had to utilize the same athlete with two different modality and accompanying calendars, both base and adult.

On the court, the moment of the women’s team was subtle for a while. He couldn’t even play in the world twice in a row and couldn’t even play in the Tokyo Olympics. Since 2014, he has not won an international match against a team other than the Americas. In 3×3, the path to the elite is theoretically shorter, as every country is a new sport starting from near zero. However, there is a shortage of investment in the country.

The difference can be seen in the final call of the 3×3 World Cup, which began yesterday (20) in Belgium. The four men’s team players who won one game yesterday and lost another are specialists in this sport, and three have full-time jobs in a 3×3 club. Only Fabrício Veríssimo plays court basketball and is the second national division.

For women, all four registered players play LBF on the court and are one of the main characters in the tournament. Of the five most efficient players in the league, three will play in the World Cup: Sassa (Sant Andre), Gabriella (Sampio), Vitoria (Blumenau) and others have been cut due to injury: Seyana (LSB, top scorer of the tournament) and Maridias (Ituano).

However, the CBB states that there is no direct link between success in major domestic basketball tournaments and convening a 3×3 team. “Performance at LBF wasn’t the norm, but the current scenario only reflects the quality and diversity of these athletes who stand out in both modality,” appointed a spokesperson for the issue. The coalition that did not say. Answered the question in writing through the press office.

With the exception of Sassa, who regularly plays 3×3, none of the teams had a history associated with this sport before joining the national team. Vitoria has only played two tournaments in her career. Both are national teams, one of which is last year’s Copa America, which competed in the World Cup. Luana and Gabriella are not in the top 30,000 of the huge and detailed FIBA ​​3×3 world rankings. This also gives points to the local government championship. On the other hand, the player who played in the club in 3×3 and scored the most points was not remembered in the pre-World Cup training call.

From an early stage

This use of athletes from the court in 3×3 comes from a base where calls are repeated in two different modality. Of the four athletes who won the 3×3 bronze medal in the South American youth game in May, three were Brazilian starters in fourth place at the Copa America Sub 18 in court basketball last week. For boys on the same schedule, the players were not repeated between the two teams or in the training phase.

According to the CBB, this happens in women due to lack of sufficient workforce. “Around the world, as with 5×5 basketball, there are differences in the growth levels of men’s and women’s basketball. Today, due to several factors such as technology, planning and competitiveness, women’s 3×3 basketball is comparable at 5×5. You need to find a player. The international scene, “says the entity.

“With our entry into the Olympics, projects investing in 5×5 are entering the world of 3×3. Our work is to increase the number of championships and calendars, take quality from quantity, observe athletes, It’s about being able to discover talent, and one day train 3×3 from the base and be prepared to pick only athletes who prioritize 3×3 basketball, “continues the confederation.

The two modality have the same roots, but require different characteristics than athletes who need to specialize to compete at a higher level. For example, in beach volleyball, a player trained in one modality rarely succeeds in the other. The same is true for futsal. When it comes to women’s basketball, Brazil has no other choice. And CBB’s priority is the court.

“The priority is 5×5 basketball, and in this internal plan of the technical committee, we evaluate on a case-by-case, tournament-by-tournament basis and are always looking for the best technical solution for both modality. 3×3 is enough for Brazil, but not yet for international scenarios. We are confident that there will be fewer and fewer 5×5 “players in the near future due to base work, talent detection and national tournaments. doing.

Along with Sassa, Vitoria, Gabriella and Luana, the 3×3 Brazilian team today faced Austria in the World Cup, beating Austria 16-14 in Antwerp. After that, he lost to one of the title’s favorites, France, 22-11. .. .. On Friday, Phase 1 ends against the only rivals lower than Brazil, the United States and New Zealand.

In the men’s team, Will Weichermann, Fabricio Belisimo, Renato Schortz and Andre Ferros made their debut after losing to Puerto Rico 20-16 and were surprised to beat France 16-15. Olympic. from Tokyo. On the fifth day, they will face Serbia, the most powerful and bronze player in Tokyo, and New Zealand. The first of each bracket goes directly to the quarterfinals, and anyone who finishes second and third in the group will play a repechage.

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