The most urgent issue for Ha Joo-suk who has forgotten his duty

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“I apologize for your reckless behavior.”

Ha Joo-suk, the captain of professional baseball Hanwha Eagles, was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision and dropped the bat on the ground, causing a fuss. /good news

[한스경제=김호진 기자] The outlook for Hanwha Eagles professional baseball team captain Ha Joo-suk (28) is not good. He was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision to beat and indignate baseball fans with insults and radical behaviour.

On the 17th, Ha Joo-suk said through the club, “As a captain, I apologize for disappointing my fans and teammates with their reckless actions. I also apologize to the referee.”

On the 16th of the previous day, I couldn’t control my emotions because I attacked in the latter half of the 8th inning, which was 0-2 at home with Lotte Giants at Daejeon Hanfalive Eagle Spark. When referee Song Soo-geun (40) decides to attack Chog in Laureen outside rival Ku Soo-geun (32), he complains after hitting a miss swing in the next match. did. He went to the bunker and slammed his racket on the ground. So the referee ordered Ha Joo Suk to leave, and Ha Joo Suk protested violently and returned to the bunker. His anger didn’t stop there. He took off his helmet at the entrance to the bunker, further exacerbating his mood. The helmet hit the wall and bounced behind Director Wes Clements, 64, causing an incredible situation.

This is not Hajusuk’s first trip. After failing in Hanwha’s documentary “Clubhouse,” which was released earlier this year, he broke his racket on the bench during the match and was later warned by Carlos Sobero, 50. He also hit a bat after hitting a miss swing in a match against NC Dinos at Changwon NC Park on April 30th. Regardless of the reason, it is a forgotten attitude in the professional spirit.

There is strong public opinion that Ha Ju-Hee has forgotten his professional status. /good news

There is strong public opinion that Ha Ju-Hee has forgotten his professional status. /good news

Ha Joo-suk, who was famous for his skill enough to use Taiji tags in the past, has averaged 0.213 hits this season. In general, his grades are not as good as last year. Also, on the morning of the 19th, the team fell to the bottom due to the recession such as seven consecutive losses. It may be frustrating for me myself, but as the captain who should lead the team, I did something I shouldn’t do. On the Hanwha fan signboard of “Fan Times”, there were complaints such as “Release Jusokuha”, “I complained too much”, and “How long should I see?”

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) will convene a Hajusuk bounty committee at the Dokdong Baseball Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 20th to determine the level of disciplinary action. The first thing Ha Joo-suk, who has descended to the Second Army, has to do is “find calm.” Good results are important, but first you need to be a role model for young players. That’s why there are veterans. Fans are always in the same place, watching for good and bad times. It is not yet known if he will be able to show a true professional in the future.

Written by Kim Ho Jin, Team Reporter

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