The most beloved sport in the world

Soccer is on the list of the most popular sports in the world …

It’s not surprising that football is ranked among the sports with the most athletes, the most followers, and the most fans on the list of the most followed sports in the world. But in your favorite sports rankings, it may be surprising and a completely unexpected modality.

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Keep in mind that your favorite sport is not only for stadium and arena spectators, but also for spectators and listeners who are enthusiastic about following the event through television, streaming and radio broadcasts.


It is estimated that about 270 million people play soccer around the world, and the number of spectators is 3.5 billion worldwide. For example, the World Cup is monitored by half of the world’s population. This is the case when the Earth has stopped monitoring the rolling of the ball.


Basketball, the Olympic Games since 1936, is popular with the NBA (NBA) and not only physically but also mythical players such as the promoted Michael Jordan, Lebron, and Magic Johnson. -Game bar.

With over 2.5 billion fans predominantly spread to North America, Japan and China, this sport is one of the most beloved sports by the general public.


Thanks to the Grand Slam and recent “rivals” such as Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Medvedev, tennis is getting more and more attention from the crowd. You can go back in time and remember tennis players who made sports more interesting and emotional, such as Agashi, Sampras, Williams and Graf. With over a billion spectators, tennis occupies a comfortable place in the most popular sport.


Electronic gaming competitions have conquered a new generation with a focus on fascinating professional competitions in LoL, Dota2, Fortnite, Pes, or FIFA.

Competitive coverage, primarily provided by Internet streamers, is beginning to conquer television channels. This phenomenon already has more than 300 million spectators, and the number continues to grow.

Cricket is also part of this (huge) favorite and / or list of the most popular sports, as it is popular primarily in India. Formula 1; Wrestling and athletics, remembering typical North American sports such as American football and baseball.

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