The Golden State Warriors will be the first team to make history and move from the worst league record to the title in three seasons.

The Golden State Warriors have become the 2021/2022 champions from the worst NBA record for the 2019/2020 season. This is the only franchise in history that has achieved great achievements in three seasons.

Last 3 seasons NBA It was a roller coaster for fans Golden State WarriorsWith someone who saw his team make history It will be the first franchise in 75 years to reach the title in just three seasons from the worst record in the league...

After winning second place in 2018/2019 Toronto Raptors, Golden State saw Kevin Durant leave the franchise and Klay Thompson had to deal with a ligament rupture..After Stephen Curry broke his hand early in the season In 2019/2020, the Warriors finished with only 15-50, setting the worst record for the entire league...

Entering 2020/2021, the Warriors had more hope. Curry recovered from a broken hand and Clay was in the final stages of recovery from a ruptured cruciate ligament in his knee. But before the ball officially went up, everything fell apart.

During team training in California, Thompson suffered a new leg injury. Two days later, the news arrived. Shirt 11 will rupture the Achilles tendon and will probably go out for another season. whole. Without clay, the curry is healthy and the Warriors finished in 2020/2021 with 39 wins and 33 losses. He finished 8th at the Western Conference and got a spot in the play-in...

In the first match of the tournament, the team Los Angeles Lakers By LeBron James and Anthony Davis.Golden State was surprised at the second opportunity he had to finish eighth in the playoffs. Memphis Grizzlies With Ja Morant Did not participate in the postseason..

In 2021/2022, the Warriors entered the season. Prove to the world that the dynasty is not over..

Clay slowly recovered from both injuries and returned in January, but the Golden State remained at the top and when completed, Will return to the “Death Star” that scared the enemy between 2015 and 2019..

And that’s exactly what happened.After finishing 3rd from the west, the Golden State Denver NuggetsRevenge on the Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks At the conference finals before reaching the finals Boston Celtics..

2022, The team closed the best series of seven games 4-2, regaining the title three years after the worst campaign in the league, and keeping the dynasty alive. Currently, there are 4 rings in 8 years...


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