THE BALL-«I wish they hadn’t played with my work» (Colin Chance)

At a press conference after defeating Goias 1-0, Portuguese coach Vítor Pereira, who leads Colin Chance, was angry at his leveled criticism, especially for the fact that he made changes from game to game. Did not hide. .. And change teams or use Brazilian terminology, Rotate..

“What I want is that they aren’t playing with me or my job. But let’s take a look at this team, which is ideal for everyone to play in every game: William Going out and left behind because he has muscle discomfort to resolve, Jo went out, Renato left with a muscle problem today, and we this is It’s not worse than what I have now. Fagner was injured 11 games ahead. Gil was injured today because he had to play a series of games non-stop. João Víctor Was injured. Anyway, anyone who came up with this story of finding a team type must be making fun of me, they aren’t looking at their faces and seeing what’s going on. No. If you don’t have children, Colin Chance is Demoted [permanência]But people don’t want to know the truth. You can hear the conversation there, Shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel… I put the team in three games in a row and got injured. I have feet on the ground, I like the truth. How satisfied would you be if you were playing three games and had few players? I play two or three games with the same player, and he gets injured. We must be intellectually honest. Then fans are fooled into bringing in demands they can’t have, period », Vítor Pereira again declares that he was visibly annoyed by the Brazilian press issues around the team’s rotation. did.

“I’m a little tired of hearing something that doesn’t make any sense. If we didn’t do that casterIf the kids weren’t ready to join, what I wanted was one of those experts to come here and sit here to make a team-type heavy player. .. Usually say. Instead of understanding what’s going on, there’s talk of him never defining a team. The kids are playing and making mistakes but trying to help. Do you want to enter the team? Do I want to move, move and move the team here? I am a stabilizing coach. Who will play the forward in the next game? Roger took the third yellow. Giovanni or Felipe plays, another kid, he’s there », the Portuguese coach added.

When asked about the various possible options for the trio to attack, Vítor Pereira said: By playing with all the offensive trumps, in addition to being able to upset the team’s balance, we want to continue playing in their midfield, but not as we saw today. “

Vítor Pereira also left a warning. “Calendar is what it is, it’s what we have, and in order to have a competitive team in every game, I had to have a much broader team. Unlike other clubs, you can’t compare what you can’t compare to other enemies who have what we don’t have. I did what I could, and I don’t have to. The club can. I’m running and I don’t need any more. The reality slaps us in the face of the truth. I want a left wing but I don’t have it. I have to put in Python. It’s here. There is none Somehow somehow somehow, Fool people and fans. “

When asked if the coach provided a named list to the club’s management to strengthen position 9, he replied: We already had more solutions, we started the championship with more solutions.look cast [plantel] What we started and what we are now. The club will do its best. As for lists, I’m not the person who provides the lists. These are club internal affairs. We are biting at the forefront of the championship, but with all the restrictions, don’t come to me with a placeless request. “


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