“That would be strange”: Kor warns that athletics will leave the 2012 Olympic stadium | Sebastian Coe

Sebastian Coe is “strange” that London is without a world-class athletics stadium in reports that the British Athletics Federation has been offered £ 15 million to break its ties with the 2012 Olympic Stadium. I warned that.

As a notable intervention, Sir Kor also said that the UK will host a future World Athletics Championships if the UKA terminates its 50-year contract with what is now known as West Ham’s hometown of London Stadium. Suggested that it could be difficult.

“I’m very clear. We really need to maintain a world-class presence in athletics in London,” said Ko, who chaired the 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee and is now President of World Athletics. I am saying. “It’s strange not to do that. I hope London will continue to be a stop point for international athletics.”

Under the terms of the UKA’s current lease, there is a one-month slot each year to perform athletics at London Stadium. However, the renovation of the stadium costs £ 3 million and is facing financial difficulties, and UKA is discussing with London Legacy Development Corporation to terminate the contract early in return.

These moves allow West Ham to turn the stadium into a full-time football field, but UKA’s ability to attract the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games and potentially major athletics events such as the World Championships. A serious question arises about.

Sebastian Coe said of the London Stadium, which hosted the 2012 Olympic Games: “Of course, it’s a big asset.” Photo: Tom Jenkins / Guardian

“The world championships don’t always go to the capital,” Kor said. “But I think we have to realize that London’s quality and natural assets at the Olympic Stadium are still attractive. There will be member federation within minutes of 2017. [championships]Come to me and ask, “Can I get back to London every two years?” So it’s a big asset. Of course, it’s a big asset. “

Insiders have downplayed the prospect that Crystal Palace Stadium will be redeveloped as an athletics alternative to London Stadium, with some saying it will cost between £ 40m and £ 50m.

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    When asked if £ 15m was seriously underestimating the value of the lease, Kor refused to speculate by saying, “I’m not going down that rabbit hole.”

    But he said he would be willing to participate in any discussions about London Stadium, if requested, with UKA Chair Ian Beatty. “Of course I’m happy if UK Athletics feels I can help in the process,” he added. “But no one has actually spoken to me about it yet. I’m going to make this follow the natural flow.”

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