TAP raises minimum wage to € 1,410, reducing pilot cuts by 10%

TAP announced today that it will raise the minimum wage for workers from € 1330 to € 1410, dating back to January and reducing the amount of salary savings pilots receive by 10%.

“As a result of this open and ongoing dialogue, it has been decided to renew the guaranteed minimum wage from € 1330 to € 1410, dating back to January 2022, which is equivalent to an uncut level of 2. The principle of maintaining the protection of remuneration is guaranteed. The national minimum wage, “the TAP executive committee said in a message sent to workers and accessible to the Lusa agency.

According to the letter, especially for pilots, the executive committee chaired by Christine Ourmières-Widener not only “unilaterally reduced the reductions they received by 10%”, but also paid landing allowances without reductions, 2022 Suspending applications retroactively to January of the “clawback” mechanism (and do not plan overtime accordingly).

The “clawback” mechanism is defined in Article 12 of the ATE. [Acordo Temporário de Emergência] You can also penalize TAP if your annual flight time exceeds 300,000 hours. It also limits the inability of TAP to plan pilot overtime, as explained in a memo accessed by the Lusa agency.

Regarding the aircraft fleet over the next few years, the company said that the “final decision of the executive team” refers to “19 Embraer fleets in 2022” and that “Airbus fleet is expected to grow” in 2023. .. ..

“We are working on scenarios and are preparing them for shareholder approval,” he said.

On Wednesday, a group of unions representing the majority of TAP workers said the TAP executive committee had chosen to break the “consultation process.”

Various union organizations understand that TAP’s executive committee will take on all possible responsibilities from that moment, breaking the conversational process that has been taking place and taking a confrontational attitude. I’m doing it. “

On Saturday, the Civil Aviation Pilots Union (SPAC) accused the TAP of taking an “incomprehensible bargaining stance” by giving an “ultimatum” as it gave a deadline to accept the proposal until Tuesday. Within the scope of reorganization.

In a statement, the SPAC said, “Because we know that the TAP is unlikely to respond, this letter clearly constitutes an unacceptable position for the company and shows an incomprehensible bargaining stance.” increase.

According to the pilot union, if the proposal is not accepted, “TAP will unilaterally change the ATE. [Acordo Temporário de Emergência]Reduced additional cuts to 10% [em vez dos atuais 20% adicionais] Until November 30th of this year, we will suspend the “clawback” mechanism for the same period.

Today, TAP has decided to unilaterally proceed with the changes proposed to SPAC.

In a message sent to workers, airline officials said that increased volume and activity “does not mean that the company is making a profit”, “recovery to make something sustainable”. It is necessary to fulfill all the financial obligations of the plan. ” TAP “.

The executive committee also added that the road to TAP recovery “has gained new momentum in recent months” thanks to market recovery and the start of state financial assistance.

“But there is no doubt. The company is still at stake and its financial situation is still very vulnerable,” he said, adding new challenges such as economic development and fluctuations in fuel costs and exchange rates due to the Ukrainian war. Senior TAP manager to emphasize.

“TAP must continue to adhere to all the assumptions and objectives established in the restructuring plan approved just six months ago. The company is committed to this plan and its survival is of the agreed commitment. It depends on fulfillment, “emphasizes the message.

The Executive Committee also makes it clear that current salary cuts are “everyone’s commitment during the planning period” and cannot be changed “just because of increased transaction volume.”

“Furthermore, one of the main objectives defined for these reductions was to be able to adopt a guaranteed minimum wage to which the reductions do not apply. The application of this minimum guarantee is a valid reduction. An average of 12-15%, not 25%.%, “The letter said.

Especially with regard to pilots, the Executive Committee recognizes that with additional cuts, the urgent agreement achieved under the recovery plan is “more demanding and difficult”, but protects employment during the planning period. Claims to have agreed to do so.

“Fortunately, the expansion of operations next summer eliminates the need to protect the work of the same number of pilots through a temporary emergency agreement, and TAP management is sensitive to this factor,” the message adds. .. The TAP executive committee is committed to “maintaining open dialogue with unions, pilots, and all workers.”


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