Star of Throwing Alto is a real-life athlete

Flinging High, starring Adam Sandler, was a huge hit on Netflix. In addition to gaining a platform audience, this feature has won the hearts of expert critics. The sports drama includes guest appearances from several NBA players, but did you know that one of the movie’s stars is a real-life athlete?

“Unlucky basketball scouts are trying to find potential players and prove that both are worthy of making an NBA,” said the official Shooting High overview on Netflix.

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The film has already received 91% approval from Rotten Tomatoes. In addition to Adam Sandler, the shooting high cast includes Queen Latifah (Chicago) and Robert Duvall (The Godfather).

Below are all the things Throwing Alto fans need to know about the sports career of one of the stars of this feature.

Throwing Alto’s Bo is a real basketball player.

In Shooting High, Adam Sandler plays scout Stanley Sugarman. Stanley Sugarman does everything he can to find the talent of the Philadelphia 76ers.

During his trip to Spain, Sugerman meets Bo Cruz, a young man with incredible skills in sports.

In the throwing alto plot, Bo Cruise is played by Juancho Hernangomez. As many fans don’t know, actors are also professional basketball players in real life.

Juan Alberto’Juancho’Hernangomes Geuer, now 26, is playing for the Utah Jazz team in the NBA.

Long before moving to the United States, athletes played for the Spanish team Estodiantes and the Spanish national team.

Juancho was impressed with his height. The player is 2.06m – this is evidenced by the Throwing Alto plot.

Athletes started professional basketball as a teenager. For the first decade of the 2000s, Juancho played for CB Las Rosas and Real Madrid basketball teams.

In April 2016, the athlete was selected as a new international candidate for the NBA Draft. At that time, Juancho was chosen by the Denver Nuggets team.

Since then, the Spaniards have played for some of the most famous teams in the United States. Among them are Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, and more recently Utah Jazz.

In addition, in 2016 Juancho Hernangomez won the ACB Award as the best young athlete. This award is one of the most important awards in the Spanish sports world.

Juancho comes from a family of basketball players. Willy, the athlete’s older brother, plays for the New Orleans Pelicans team. Margarita Geuer Draeger, the mother of Throwing Alto’s star, played for the Spanish national team in the 90’s.

The Flinging Alto represents the first performance in the theater of Juancho Hernangomez. The athlete received high praise for his performance.

On Instagram, basketball players are less active on social networks, but have about 260,000 followers.

Shooting highs with Adam Sandler and Juancho Hernangomez can be found on Netflix.

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