SRS Uberaba promotes decentralization of provider management in local governments

With the aim of improving the provision of health services in local governments, Uberaba’s Community Health Supervision (SRS) has encouraged adherence to the policy of decentralizing provider management from state to local government level. It administers the selection, registration, contracting, programming, regulation, management, evaluation, and payment of local public and private service providers that were previously done by state intermediaries by those who comply. It means having superior and financial autonomy. ..

Services include hospitals, clinics and laboratories. In addition, financial transfers of resources from the Ministry of Health for care of medium and high complexity should be made directly from the National Health Fund to the City Fund without the need for mediation by the National Health Department (SES-MG). became. ), This allows for more bargaining autonomy and a more agile payment flow to local governments.

Eurípedes Turati Leitão, Uberaba Community Health Inspector, explains: 2012) and also the rules set out in the only annex CIB-SUS / MG Resolution 3,349 (March 17, 2021)..

According to Luana Terada, coordinator of the SRS Uberaba Regulatory Center, 17 of the 27 municipalities covered by the region are in the process of decentralization and 5 are analyzing the possibility of taking over in 2022. All support, oversight, and qualifications for municipalities wishing to take over control of the provider. We understand that this result of sufficient clarification with managers is very positive and is 70% of decentralized municipalities.

Last week, a team from Fronteira’s municipality attended the SRS to learn about the decentralization process, and after meeting with supervisors and regulatory coordinators, they are already interested in adhering to the policy. Meanwhile, the San Francisco de Sales municipality is already in the process of making the transition, with all documents sent and approved by the CIB, waiting for the publication of state deliberations to complete the process.

For Luciola Vidal, Minister of Health at San Francisco de Sales, this change will be a step forward. According to her, “As of October 2022, local governments have administrative and financial autonomy over contracts, regulations and oversight of public and private providers. Therefore, we have control. Thanks to the state for giving me the opportunity to decentralize. ”

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