Shaquille talks about how the Lakers dominate the Curry and the Warriors


The Celtics struggled to contain Stephen Curry in Game 4 of the NBA Series Finals. The Warriors players had a very positive impact on their determination to look for another title on the team, and some gave ideas on how to act to contain the point guard.

One of them was our Shaq. According to Pivot, alongside Kobe, his Lakers will have a solution to contain Curry’s progress.

“We sneaked Stephen Curry into the basket and I took him there several times. The end.”

This was the duel we really wanted to see. Without a doubt, you can think of how effective this Shaq approach really is.

That said, Shaquille is confident that the Lakers have figured out how to tag the curry and, as a result, win the series against the Warriors.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade come out in defense of Stephen Curry

Everyone knows that Stephen Curry is the greatest pitcher of all time. But while he’s respected by everyone in the NBA, the awesomeness of the Warriors idol is still questioned.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade certainly agree. Both came to Stephen Curry’s defense and said after his great show in Game 4 with the Celtics how he couldn’t get as much respect as he should.

“Everyone keeps talking about what Steph isn’t. Let’s talk about what he is,” Dwyane Wade said of the Warriors star.

“Facts !!!” They “do not just recognize” how different he is “but try to do anything with their power. He’s rare, and rare things aren’t appreciated, “LeBron James replied to his former heat teammate.

As Wade and Lebron mentioned, Curry’s greatness isn’t just about being a game changer with an inexhaustible three-pointer. Whether you like this style of play or not, you have to agree that Steph Curry is one of the best plays ever.

LeBron James may announce big news soon

In addition to the basketball court, LeBron James is an entrepreneur. With his own media production company and dozens of other business ventures, it’s no wonder he became the first active NBA player to become a billionaire.

With the Lakers out of the playoffs, Lebron has more time to think about future projects. He seems to be introducing some new things soon.

This week, Revlon announced on Twitter that he would like to participate in the podcast or create his own podcast.

It’s strange to imagine that LeBron doesn’t really have a podcast yet, but his amazing show, The Shop, reveals the flow of his debate on a variety of topics.

Many players have created their own podcasts, which have been featured recently. Draymond Green, JJ Redick, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, CJ McCollum and Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal have been successful at the show.

If LeBron started podcasting soon, it would definitely be one of the most interesting in the media. Let’s cheer.

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