Sarina Wiegman is turning England into a ruthless title candidate | England Women’s Soccer Team

Salina Wiefman seems to like to repeat the two words, ruthless and execution.

English managers are constantly sprinkled with these favorite sentences to encourage players to increase aggressive incisions, but both features are women who tend to make dithering decisions, not to mention emotions. It’s not completely foreign to me. Weegman’s cool thinking clarity under pressure seems to ignore some emotionally compelling reasons for including England’s former captain Steph Houghton in her 23 powerful Euro 2022 team. Persuaded her.

In the course of an apparently difficult conversation on Wednesday, Phil Neville’s successor told the 34-year-old Manchester City Center-half of her recovery from an Achilles tendon rupture justified her participation in the elite group. A final cut that wasn’t advanced enough and she couldn’t make.

“Girls are feeling the pain Steph feels,” said Leah Williamson, England’s new captain, before playing Belgium in Molino. “We share it.”

Williamson, only 25 years old, is a young captain, but her maturity, clarity, and pure emotional intelligence suggest that Weegman has chosen the right person to succeed Houghton. Importantly, Williamson is also an adaptable soccer player and is well suited for in-game position rotation, which is gradually being penetrated by her national manager.

Primarily an Arsenal defender, she settled in a midfielder role with England and not only forced Nicky Evrad’s own goal, but often rushed to the right as Lucy Bronze moved forward on that side. I’m back to fill the sideback.

The Belgian side was undefeated in the previous seven games and managed to isolate the normally influential Keira Walsh in the middle of the midfield. England was initially the most dangerous. If the last ball in bronze sometimes disappoints her and looks a bit indifferent to creating a vigilant defensive gap by overcommitting the attack, she has a heavily biased shot of Chloe Kelly in the opening own goal. Helped to make it possible to stand in front of. On the other side, Lauren Hemp’s left-wing play consistently petrified Belgium.

If England finally wins the tournament next month, hemp will certainly have a lot to do with it. Alongside Chelsea’s Fran Kirby, Manchester City’s Winger is arguably one of Weegman’s two true world-class players.

England is celebrating its third goal for Belgium as it continues to gain momentum before the euro. Photo: Mark Atkins / Getty Images

Kirby has been on the sidelines for months with a fatigue-related illness, but she is finally well. Her importance is that aggressive playmakers who make a point between the front line and the midfield will always benefit from suspicion. The stupidest manager.

Indeed, Kirby was introduced later in the second half when he had already seen Kelly in Manchester City recover from a serious knee injury. He returned to the right side of Front 3 and suggested that Beth Mead could be pushed very hard towards the start slot.

Belgium, ranked 20th in the world, isn’t the last team to sit deep and choke in the middle of Lioness, so Weegman urges Millie Bright to try his luck with Kelly, Hemp, and the ball on top. It is natural to do. From the center half.

The coach who led the Netherlands to the glory of Euro 2017, unlike Neville, is a practitioner who is not afraid to pursue perfectionism by combining complex short passes and straightforward tactics without embarrassment. Usually, her late introduction to Alex Greenwood was a midfielder enthusiastic about breaking out of defense and eventually released Walsh.

It’s no wonder Rachel Daily’s diversity appeals to English coaches. Shortly after arriving at the left back as a substitute, the wonderfully reliable technique of volleying the second goal of the daily is all that striker is probably her strength in the various positions she has mastered. It reminded people.

Like Kirby and Kelly, Daily claimed the starting point for the team, who won 10 games on the Weegman watch, drew two games and scored 75 goals. Quite rigorous testing beckons, but so far the ruthlessness of its owners is working.

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