Rory McIlroy again casts doubt on the effectiveness of LIV Golf as he prepares for the US Open.Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy once again questioned the sport’s relevance of the rebel LIV Golf Series two days after swiping Greg Norman shortly after winning the Canadian Open.

The first event of the LIV program, financially supported by Saudi Arabia and led by Norman, took place last week in Hertfordshire. Preparations for the US Open starting Thursday at Brookline have been dominated by chatter about this big turmoil plan. McIlroy continues to be a solid supporter of the existing ecosystem.

“At that moment, it’s the clouds that hang on the golf, right?” He said. “We are in the major championships and that’s what everyone wants to talk about, so everyone cares.

“The crowd is on Sunday in Canada, so LIV will never do that. You’ll never feel that way, I don’t know what the language is … but last week meaning Something. What they do there doesn’t mean anything other than just collecting a lot of money. “

McIlroy then pointed out the “competitive integrity” of seeing off Justin Thomas and Tony Finau in Toronto. McIlroy was careful not to blame his fellow experts, including Phil Mickelson, who was banned by the PGA Tour after accepting LIV’s lucrative overture, but he was clearly impressed with their choices. Is not … “My dad told me long ago, when you made your bed, you lay on it, and they made their bed,” McIlroy said. “It’s their decision and they have to live with it.”

Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau pledged their allegiance to the PGA Tour earlier this year before making a U-turn and signing the LIV. McIlroy claimed that the withdrawal appeared to be “dead in the water” at the time of its original position. “I received the statements of many players at face value,” he said. “I think that’s what I was doing wrong.

Brooks Koepka has something to do with LIV Golf, which he said was “sick of conversation.” Photo: Rob Carr / Getty Images

“You had people taking part in the PGA Tour, and that’s the statement issued. People returned to it, so I think I received them at face value. I accepted their words. But I was wrong. “

McIlroy’s vast approach contrasted with Brooks Koepka’s. The two US Open winners, whose brother Chase is part of the LIV delegation, were mean when asked if there were enough people to get him to LIV.

“I don’t think much about it,” Koepka said. “I’m trying to focus on the US Open. I don’t legally get it. I’m sick of conversations. I’m sick of all these things.

“I’m throwing black clouds at the US Open. I think it’s the worst. I really feel sick of them. [the United States Golf Association] Because it’s a silly situation. We are here to play, and you are talking about the event that happened last week. “

In a letter sent to the membership, DP World Tour CEO Keith Pelley promised to set a formal position for LIV participation next Thursday. Perry said:

“I understand frustration, but we work closely with the PGA Tour, but it reminds you that we are different organizations and therefore our rules and regulations are also different. ..

“I know from your message and many of my conversations that Jay Monahan shares the same perspective that he expressed in his memo to the PGA Tour members. That is, the players who chose this route This tour.

“As for what we are trying to do, our situation is complex and we are still evaluating the overall course of action.”

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