Robert Williams III drained knees in playoffs

It’s not a secret for everyone Robert Williams III I’m playing in the playoffs because of a left knee problem. The Boston Celtics starter has had surgery on his lateral meniscus and has already returned to court just four weeks later. His recovery time was definitely reduced as he arrived in the postseason. Therefore, his daily life is full of difficulties.

“First and foremost, I manage and evaluate this situation every day. I feel really good and can feel a lot of pain after a few hours. Performance because it’s difficult to deal with all of this. Is pretty limited. When I’m in court, adrenaline takes over and I don’t think about discomfort, but after the game things get better, “revealed the pivot in an interview with the portal. did Yahoo! Sports..

It’s very easy for Williams to make an effort to go to court in the final. He always puts his hand on his lap, even after running, for example. From time to time he lowers himself in an attempt to relieve the pain in the area. However, these reactions are evidence that a 24-year-old child is (at least) holding up. In fact, what no one follows is the process of being able to act in these situations.

“I do ice packs, massages and treatments. I take a break for about 4 hours and then do the same process until I go to bed. It has become a daily routine and a ritual. And many times in the finals of the conference. I also hurt my knee. After all, it wasn’t a problem, so I just stopped. After he played, the fluid accumulated again. It didn’t help, “said a defense expert.


Williams had the best regular season of his career and as a result was voted for the second best defensive team in the league. He was essential to the success of the campaign’s most efficient defense system. Soon, the Center itself realizes that the Celtics title chance will pass through his presence. He was always ready and no more doubted his willingness to act at the expense.

“Above all, we’re trying to win. It’s crazy because I’m living the dream of my life right now. Of course, it’s better to win, but most importantly to help the team. Being there. I’m here to experience all this with this group. It’s worth it because it’s the message I want to convey, “the player convinced and decided his efforts. Did.

Within the Celtics, everyone acknowledges Robert Williams’ efforts to compete in the playoffs despite his knee limitations. Ultimately, Ime Udoka is only obedient to the player’s dedication. “If Robert can play, we watch him carefully. Otherwise, we understand. After all, this kid is a fighter. And for that, we have nothing to do with him. I love the conditions. “

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