Retired veterans who endanger their lives for games have succeeded in recreational baseball

Lee Seung-yuop (center), who took over the coach at the production show of “The Strongest Baseball” on the 30th of last month, expressed his ambition to “absolutely play baseball.” [사진 JTBC]

Three years and six months after retirement, 43-year-old Jeong Seong-ho burst and hit multiples twice (sprinter advanced shortly after the defender caught the floating ball), and the best player in the Asia Series, Jang Won-soo. Among Won-Sam Korean players, he continues to play complaining of his elbow pain. The legend of baseball, involved in a fierce battle with high school students, awoke as soon as Seo Dong-Wook got home, and he was as happy as a child.

A television show that broadcasts legendary baseball players one by one, the trend in sports entertainment is changing from soccer to golf, basketball, and baseball. “The strongest baseball” that was broadcast for the first time this month will be at the forefront. As the title suggests, “strongest baseball” is the core concept of software for creating “stronger” teams that can compete with professional baseball teams. Twelve former professional baseball players and three active players, once called legends, gathered to form a team called the strongest monster. Lee Seung-yuop, a “national batter,” will take over the coach and lead the match against the national baseball team. In addition, former players with careers such as Park Yong-taik, Song Seung-jun, and Yoo Hee-kwan will reappear.

First and second match with Tokusu High School

Director Lee Seung-yuop (right) and Choon Gun-woo look forward to the local race that “strongest monster” Seo Dong-wook struck in the second episode of JTBC’s “strongest baseball” broadcast on the 13th. ing. [사진 JTBC 캡처]

It’s not the first baseball-based entertainment, but it’s different from “the strongest baseball” in that it’s a match that’s reminiscent of a real game. In episodes 1 and 2 that have been aired so far, the strongest monster fought two games against Tokusu High School, a popular baseball team that won majors in five national high school leagues. The appearance of the players who retired from less than 7 months to 3 years old while competing with “I want to win seriously” (Lee Seung-yuop) created an immersive feeling. Viewer ratings, which began at 2.8% in episode 1 broadcast on the 13th, rose slightly to 2.9% (based on paid households in the Nielsen metropolitan area) in episode 2 broadcast on the 13th.

Producer Choi Si Won, who directed “The Fishermen and the City” and “Steel Troop” on Channel A and transferred to JTBC to premiere, said, “If you don’t win more than 21 games in 30 trials, this is If you don’t reach 70% win rate, the program will be cancelled. ”Adding super strong water added tension to the entertainment. “As much as possible to hire and release players as a real professional baseball team” is also a factor that makes it possible to play like a real game. In addition, the 233 crew, dozens of cameras, and the broadcast team of anchor Jung Young-gum and commentator Kim Sung-woo play a role in creating reality as if it were entertainment. increase. subtitles. Applies to actual baseball broadcasts.

Former professional baseball player who returned to the earth through

Former professional baseball players who have returned to Earth in the “strongest baseball game” are working hard as if they had just returned to a healthy career. [사진 JTBC 캡처]

MBN’s “Back to the Ground” and “Young Baseball Team: Not Out”, which ended on the 24th of last month, are also shows featuring professional baseball players. “Back to the Ground” is similar in format to “Baseball’s Strongest” and “Retired Baseball Players Return to Earth”, but with more powerful entertainment components. Legendary players such as Yang Joon-hyuk, Kim Tae-gun, Yoon Suk-min, Hong Seung-hyun, Nibert, Lee Dae-hyun struggle to regain a sense of active daily life, while at the same time providing fun and passion. I was praised for what I did.Reach the end

Youth Baseball Team: Not yet out (first aired last month) is a show that helps young failed players advance to professional baseball, more like a documentary than an entertainment show. Former Premier League Kim Byung-hyun, who directed the show, introduced the production of the show and said, “I’ve come this far because I’m sincerely saying that PD Song Sung-Kwon is aiming for documentary rather than entertainment.” rice field. The process of supporting systematic drilling and training matches for players freed from professional or unidentified teams in the draft is honestly designed, with Kim Byung-hyun as captain, a legendary Korean professional baseball player. Jeong Keun Woo and Han Ki Joo are trainers and straight trainers, respectively.

“Corona is over and mass sports entertainment is common.”

Former professional baseball player who returned to the earth through

Former professional baseball players who have returned to Earth in the “strongest baseball game” are working hard as if they had just returned to a healthy career. [사진 JTBC 캡처]

In this way, the reason why baseball-related programs are produced one-on-one is the time factor that makes team sports that had been stagnant by COVID-19 possible again. “Sports are essentially’unscripted dramas’, so they’re a good material for the current entertainment trend that emphasizes reality,” said popular culture critic Kim Hong-sik. And screams are all the rage in the broadcast industry. “

However, there is an analysis that “authenticity” is the key to sports entertainment to get the reaction from the audience, regardless of the sport. “Successful sports entertainment not only consumes the game as entertainment, but also attracts viewers through realistic performance,” critic Kim analyzed. Popular culture critic Dok Hyun-jung also said, “In situations where retired athletes appear on radio shows, viewers are very unattractive if they are only seen as’advertisers’. Become common. The key to the success or failure of sports entertainment.

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