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Aromatrogist scientist Fbin Lszl says oil has far more than odor. (Photo: Ktia Soares / Disclosure)

The background of the work is dermatology and cosmetology.The author reveals the best product for each occasion and the right amount to use

Essential oils are widely used in Brazil to treat a variety of skin conditions. However, there are many questions that skin doctors, cosmetologists, and other professionals have when prescribing products. Understanding the best essential oils for each occasion, the best way to apply them, and the right amount to use are one of the most common questions.

To clarify these and a few other questions, Editora Laszlo brought Brazil the title “Aroma Dermatology: The Secrets of Essential Oils for the Skin” by authors Janetta Bensouilah and Philippa Buck. Treatment of skin infections, inflammatory diseases, skin care and many other topics.

This book is an evidence-based guide that facilitates an integrated approach to the use of complementary therapies in combination with traditional medicines. Reading raises awareness of the need for solid scientific evidence for the practice of aromatherapy and provides a wealth of data as well as practical information for different types of treatment.

Fbin Lszl, CEO of Grupo Laszlo, an aromatrogist scientist, emphasizes that this book is an opportunity to understand the benefits to the skin from the use of essential oils. “The authors Janetta Bensouila and Philippabag provide information on the use of essential oils in the fields of cosmetics and dermatology. We know that oils have functions that go far beyond odors. The whole piece is referenced, but it’s easy to read, “he emphasizes.

Among the topics covered, readers will find topics such as “Skin Structure and Function”. “Skin and Spirit”; Essential Oil Science in Context; “Aromatic Dermatology and Safety Issues”; “Inflammatory Diseases”; and “Essential Skin Care”. In addition, according to Fbin, this book shows which essential oils are harmful to the skin, and even has a recipe for Hydrosis.

The author entwines the research and clinical application of essential oils and provides readers with alternative approaches to skin care and treatment. Lszl commented that this work has a lot of information and very complete content. According to him, the book provides a very detailed overview of the dermatology part, so the reader has a good understanding of the function of the dermis.

Understanding this part will help you understand different aspects of aromatherapy, such as essential oils that can be harmful when used properly on the skin, the best ways to dilute the oils, explanations of various skin diseases, and each one. The best oil.

“It’s a must-have book for anyone with an aromatherapy library or aromatherapist. This article gives you access to new, detailed and useful information,” concludes Fbin Lszl. This book, along with essential oils and other products, can be purchased at authorized Laszlo stores and websites throughout Brazil at

Book Cover'Aroma Dermatology: The Secret


Book: “Aroma Dermatology: The Secrets of Essential Oils for the Skin”

Author: Janetta Bensoiler and Philippaback

Publisher: Laszlo

Price: BRL 130

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