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Activates the second cast in the last NBB. This is one of the main goals of forming a new Flamengo team for the next season. Garrafão Rubro-Negro will begin the team’s presentation through the series “Perfis”. This approach involves an analysis by a few invited journalists and talks about future reinforcements. We also analyze players who have stayed in the club and have been sent off. ..

At the series premiere, Garrafão Rubro-Negro presents an analysis of the 24-year-old forward Gabriel Jaú. He was one of the highlights of last season’s Baul basket and recorded quite a few in both the Paulista Championship and NBB.

data sheet

Name: Gabriel Crepaldi Volpato Galvanini

Age-24 years

Position – Pivot Wing


Last NBB numbers – average – 16.1 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1.8 assists

Garrafão Rubro-negro invited two journalists from Baul, Lucas Guanaes and Bruno Ribeiro. They closely tracked Gabriel Jaú and analyzed more accurately what Flamengo fans could expect from the new pivot on the court.


Lucas Guanaes

First, how would you describe Gabriel Jau’s potential as a player in the Brazilian basketball scene? Also, how can you talk about him in a recent retrospective?

Gabriel Jaú is one of the most interesting athletes in Brazilian basketball in the last decade. He can still be, for both what he already has on the court and the player.

A serious knee injury left him behind for the 2018 and half-seasons of 2019. The possibility of an international explosion ended at that point, but development took place within NBB. It deserves to have already appeared in some of the calls of the Brazilian main team.

With a height of 2.02 meters, Jau is one of the most versatile athletes around here, over 2 meters tall. Offensively, he can attack the enemy in a variety of situations. Both face the basket, abuse the physical explosion, turn their backs on it, and use good footwork. He is far from a pivot that relies solely on pick and roll or pick and pop to make an impact during an attack. This makes it very difficult to stop him, until he becomes the fifth athlete to make the most free throws in the last NBB.

Gustavo de Conti is one of the coaches who puts the most emphasis on three-point shooting, that is, shooting from the surroundings. Do you think this is the strength of Gabriel Jau’s technical game?

Around kick is another weapon of your weapon. Although irregular in this area for the past few years, Jaú has grown his repertoire until some teams have paid to see his shots. He used to rely on catch-and-shoot to score from a distance, but now he can perform quite well on post-dribble kicks and create his own shots. A slight improvement in almost 32% of last year’s usage makes it even harder to mark.

What are your expectations for Gabriel Jau in Flamengo? And how do you see his adaptation process under the direction of Gustavo de Conti?

I’m interested in Jau’s position in Flamengo from next season. Jau has moved to professional basketball as a wing / pivot. Especially in the quarterfinals with Brasília, Giovanni and Lucas Mariano, it was very important to win the NBB 2016/17.

Given Gustavinho’s strategy for the recent season to mark tall athletes on his opponent’s wings, imagine that Jau will be tested in this role in Flamengo, first in Leodemetrius and then in Rafael Mineiro. Is virtually impossible. Whether it works or not is another story, but there is something interesting there.

In general, he is an athlete who has everything to win the support of the most dead fans. There is no shortage of deliveries. With excellent scorers, excellent rebounders, outstanding technical and physical qualities, there is still room for growth, especially as the court matures. It’s hard to say that Gustavinho has a rough diamond in his hand, but it’s a piece with a slightly deformed appearance in the final stages of the cut, already very beautiful, but could soon become a gem. there is.

Bruno Ribeiro

How would you analyze Gabriel Jau’s last season in Baul Basket? And can we say that Flamengo hired one of the most recent idols in the history of the club from São Paulo?

Gabriel Jau is one of the great idols of Baul basketball fans. In addition to the NBB title, Pivot also holds the mark of the ninth highest scorer in the team’s history and is entitled to the NBB10 Young Highlights Trophy.

Technically, Jaú has some qualities that draw attention. One of them is excellent ball control when compared to other Brazilian pivots. At some point in his career it was even considered to use him as a higher winger in position 3. However, the two serious injuries he received on his knees meant that this transition would never happen.

But the fact is that Jau is back and has solidified himself as one of the great players in 4th place. Athletes are also showing that they are increasingly reliable kickers, turning their backs on the basket and continuing to improve the game. Last season he set the highest career average for all fundamentals (16.1 points, 5.7 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 31.8% hits from 3 lines).

Flamengo fans have always liked the race, the players who show their strength on the court. How would you describe Gabriel Jau’s playing style? And how do you expect to see him working at another club in the next NBB?

If you need to define a shirt 25 game in one word, INTENSITY is the most appropriate. When he appeared in the baul basket, he was reputed to take older athletes out of their comfort zone during training. In close quarters, he also knows how to use his opponent’s contacts to attack baskets and dig fouls. However, the only caveat is if the same strength exceeds the limits of the defense. Despite the good numbers above, Jau was eliminated eight times with five fouls last season.

If all this energy is carried in the right way, Jaú has everything that will soon appear on the first shelf of the league’s players. And, alongside Olivina, under the command of Gustavigno, he will certainly be able to help Flamengo resume the national basketball hierarchy.

Flamengo Cast-Season 2022/2023

Previous reinforcements – Gabriel Jaú and Gui Deodato

Stay in the club – Olivinha, Rafael Rachel, Yago, Gustavo De Conti

Out – Brandon Robinson

There’s upcoming news about more players joining the team, and next week we’ll have Chapter 2 of the PROFILES series.

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