Playoffs-NBA Draft 2022: Check out all the picks here in real time

The 2022 NBA Draft took place this Thursday (23). The event will be held again at the Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets in New York, and is another opportunity to renew hope for the future of all NBA franchises. upon.

O play off I followed everything about the NBA Draft in real time here. Check out everything that happened in the two hires.

* Updated at 1:37 am on July 24, 2022

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NBA Draft 2022: First Round

2019 Orlando Magic Logo
1. Orlando Magic: Paolo Banchero (PF-Duke) -Details

2019 Oklahoma City Thunder Logo
2. Oklahoma City Thunder: Chet Holmgren (C – Gonzaga) – Details

Houston Rockets Basketball-Rockets News, Results, Statistics, Rumors, Videos-ESPN
3. Houston Rockets: Jabari Smith Jr. (PF – Auburn) – Details

Sacramento Kings-Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia
4. Sacramento Kings: Keegan Murray (F-Iowa)

2019 Detroit Pistons Logo
5. Detroit Pistons: Jaden Ivey (G – Purdue)

6. Indiana Pacers: Benedict Maturin (SG / SF – Arizona)

Cast-Portland Trail Blazers | ESPN
7. Portland Trail Blazers: Shadeon Sharp (G – Kentucky)

2019 New Orleans Pelican Logo

8. New Orleans Pelican (via Lakers): Dyson Daniels (SG-G League)

2019 San Antonio Spurs Logo

9. San Antonio Spurs: Jeremy Sochan (PF-Baylor)

2019 Washington Wizards Logo
10. Washington Wizards: Jonathan Davis (G-Wisconsin)

2019 Oklahoma City Thunder Logo
11. Oklahoma City Thunder (via New York Knicks *): Ousmane Dieng (F – New Zealand)

* Transactions during draft

2019 Oklahoma City Thunder Logo
12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Clippers): Jalen Williams (SG / SF – Santa Clara)

2019 Detroit Pistons Logo

13. Detroit Pistons (New York Knicks *, via Charlotte Hornets): Jalen Duren (C-Memphis)

* Transactions during draft

2019 Cleveland Cavaliers logo

14. Cleveland Cavaliers: Ochaia Bazi (SG – Kansas)

2019 Charlotte Hornets Logo

15. Charlotte Hornets (via Pelican): Mark Williams (C-Duke)

2019 Atlanta Hawks Logo

16. Atlanta Hawks: AJ Griffin (SF-Duke)

Houston Rockets Basketball-Rockets News, Results, Statistics, Rumors, Videos-ESPN

17. Houston Rockets (via the internet): Tally Eason (F-LSU)

PNG Chicago Bulls Logo Emblem – Times Logo

18. Chicago Bulls: Darren Terry (G – Arizona)

Memphis Grizzlies Basketball-Grizzlies News, Results, Statistics, Rumors, Videos-ESPN

19. Memphis Grizzlies (via Minnesota Timberwolves *): Jay Claravia (F-Wake Forest)

* Transactions during draft

2019 San Antonio Spurs Logo

20. San Antonio Spurs (via Raptors): Malakai Brannam (SF – Ohio)

Denver Nuggets logo

21. Denver Nuggets: Christian Brown (SG – Kansas)

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo

22. Minnesota Timberwolves (Memphis Grizzlies *, via Jazz): Walker Kessler (C – Auburn)

* Transactions during draft

Memphis Grizzlies Basketball-Grizzlies News, Results, Statistics, Rumors, Videos-ESPN

23. Memphis Grizzlies (via Philadelphia 76ers *): David Roddy (SF – Colorado)

* Transactions during draft

Milwaukee Bucks logo

24. Milwaukee Bucks: MarJon Beauchamp (G-G League)

2019 San Antonio Spurs Logo

25. San Antonio Spurs (via Celtics): Blake Wesley (G-Notre Dame)

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo

26. Minnesota Timberwolves (Houston Rockets *, via Dallas Mavericks): Wendell Moore Jr. (SG / SF – Duke)

* Transactions during draft

Miami heat logo

27. Miami Heat: Nikolayovich (F-Serbia)

2019 Golden State Warriors logo

28. Golden State Warriors: Patrick Baldwin Jr. (SF – Milwaukee)

Houston Rockets Basketball-Rockets News, Results, Statistics, Rumors, Videos-ESPN

29. Houston Rockets (Minnesota Timberwolves *, via Memphis Grizzlies): Tyty Washington (PG – Kentucky)

* Transactions during draft

Denver Nuggets logo

30. Denver Nuggets (via Oklahoma City Thunder, Phoenix Suns): Peyton Watson (SF – UCLA)

NBA Draft 2022: Second Round

31. Indiana Pacers (via Rockets, Cavaliers): Andrew Nemhard (PG – Gonzaga)
32. Orlando Magic: Caleb Houstan (SF – Michigan)
33. Toronto Raptors (via Pistons, Bulls, Wizards, Spurs): Christian Koloko (C-Arizona)
34. Oklahoma City Thunder: Jaylin Williams (SF – Arkansas)
35. Los Angeles Lakers (via Magic, Pacers, Bucks): Max Christie (SG – Michigan)
36. Portland Trail Blazers: Gabriele Prosida (SG – Italy)
37. Dallas Mavericks (via Sacramento Kings *): Jaden Hardy (SG – G League) – * Drafting Transactions
38. Memphis Grizzlies (via San Antonio Spurs *, Lakers, Wizards, Bulls): Kennedy Chandler (G – Tennessee) – * Exchange during draft
39. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Spurs, Jazz): Curry Fadiop (C-Senegal)
40. Charlotte Hornets (via Minnesota Timberwolves *, Wizards, Cavaliers): Bryce McGowens (SG-Nebraska)-* Exchange during draft
41. New Orleans Pelican: EJ Liddell (F – Ohio)
42. New York Knicks: Trevor Keels (SG – Duke)
43. Los Angeles Clippers: Musadia Bate (PF – Michigan)
44. Golden State Warriors (via Atlanta Hawks *): Ryan Rollins (SG – Toledo) – * Trading during draft
45. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Charlotte Hornets): Josh Minott (SF – Memphis)
46. ​​Denver Nuggets (Portland Trail Blazers *, Pistons, via the net): Ismael Kamagate (C – France) – * Exchanged during draft
47. Memphis Grizzlies (via wasps): Vince Williams (SF – VCU)
48. Indiana Pacers (via Minnesota Timberwolves *): Kendall Brown (SF – Baylor) – * Exchange during draft
49. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Kings, Bulls, Pistons, Grizzlies): Isaia Mobley (PF-USC)
50. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Nuggets, 76ers): Matteo Spanolo (SG-Italy)
51. Atlanta Hawks (via Golden State Warriors *, Raptors, 76ers): Tyrese Martin (SG – UConn) – * Exchange during draft
52. New Orleans Pelican (via Jazz): Karlo Matkovic (C-Croatia)
53. Boston Celtics: JD Davison (PG – Alabama)
54. Washington Wizards (via Mavericks): Yannick Zosa (C-Congo)
55. Golden State Warriors: Guisantos (SF – Brazil) – Know more
56. Cleveland Cavaliers (Heat, Via Pacers): Lucto Lovers (F-Australia)
57. Portland Trail Blazers (Grizzlies, via Jazz): Java Walker (PF-Colorado)
58. Milwaukee Bucks (Indiana Pacers *, via Sands): Hugo Besson (SG – France) – * Exchange during draft

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