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John Wall, a Houston Rockets point guard, exercised player options under the current contract and automatically renewed $ 47 million in the franchise for one year. The Athletic reporter Shams Charania learned on Tuesday that the player’s manager had informed the rocket of the decision (21).

THE Player optionsAs the feature is known, athletes can choose to renew their contract for another season (without the need for negotiation) or become a free agent.

Despite the refurbishment, Wall seems unlikely to stay in Houston. Veteran point guards were looking for trades throughout the 2021-22 season, but the team couldn’t find a viable destination. As the team is being rebuilt to prioritize the minutes of young players, Rocket tends to continue to look for contracts with players. However, the Texans’ main concern is the draft topic.

According to the patterns seen in the last few months, other franchises in the league do not seem to want them involved in the transaction, and the most viable option could be buyouts. In that case, the wall is released by the rocket, which promises to pay the amount of the expired contract until the next offseason, but the athlete can sign another team for a minimum contract for veterans. Masu-Many years of experience in the $ 2.6 million league.

However, the buyout market is usually more active after the last trading day. Wall may not change pace until after February 10th, as Houston will have to seek compensation from the point guard. So if you don’t play with rockets, you’ll miss a significant part of the regular season. Some teams are already interested in point guards, with the Los Angeles Duo, Lakers and Clippers making the main speculation.

Wall joined the rocket in December 2020 and was involved in the trade that took Russell Westbrook to Washington Wizards. In Houston, he played 40 games with an average of 20.6 points, 6.9 assists and 3.2 rebounds. After missing the entire 2019-20 season due to an injury, point guards proved he could still play at a good level, but shortly after this season he clashed with the franchise and was out of all normal games. rice field.

First, Wall was traded and asked not to enter court until changes were made. Then he asked to return, but the condition imposed by the team was that he was a few minutes away from the bench. That didn’t happen either, and the player missed his second full career season. In the last five campaigns, he has played only 113 games.

Drafted to the top spot by Wizards in 2010, Wall spent 10 years in DC before heading to Texas. During that time, he was an all-star five times and played four playoffs. Despite living with physical problems for some time, point guards can be a great addition to the teams of competing teams in the postseason.

Photo: Disclosure Twitter / Houston Rockets

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