Philis has won a barbarian to clear the double head of a knot in Washington

Washington — Philis didn’t play baseball on her double pillow against the Washington Nationals, but it wasn’t a problem as festive music played at the clubhouse after 12:00 pm on Friday night at the stadium. ..

Phils avoided a series of errors, including an expensive opener and bullpen walk, two basic running errors, and an almost dangerous field error in a nightcap to pull the Nationals sweep.

Billy’s caught the opening player 5-3. Pills won the second game 8-7.

With both wins, Pills 35-31 exceeded .500 during the four-game season. They took the first three games of these five players, won five consecutive series for the first time since 2011, and finally reached the playoffs.

The bill was 14-2 in June and 13-2 under the new captain Rob Thompson.

“Good morning,” Thompson said after the end.

He admitted that the team made some mistakes during a long, hot and tired day.

“This is exactly the nature of this club,” he said. “They believe.”

The biggest reasons Philis hid flaws in nightclubs were Rhys Hoskins and Kyle Schwarber’s race pace mistakes, two damage walks and a sixth Nick Nelson wild pitch, and shortstop DD Gregorius’ mistakes. I forgave the knot. Nine tie-down games – they did some small things well.

Hitter Price Harbor got out of the bench and hit a double two run to become a centre-right, taking advantage of eight innings. JT Realmuto has the potential for double play.

Small things

Washington’s relief Kyle Finnegan apparently tried to pitch around Harper, and it looked like he was walking on four pitches. However, referee Clinton called the fourth pitch outside the strike zone. Harper wasn’t happy with the call – and he wasn’t after the match yet. Finnegan’s fifth pitch was a strike, which Harper crushed.

“The harp was upset. It wasn’t four-ball, but he said,’Well, let’s hit him,'” Thompson said. “Jade threw the ball, and it was really important to put Harper on the field.”

Realmudo was first summoned, but Pillis challenged and won.

After Harper caught up with the tie in Game 8, Matt Waring placed his second home run in 9th place, giving Pill a 6-5 lead.

That day, Phillies went deep into their bulls. Corey Nebel, Julis Familia and Andrew Verratti suffered a decisive defeat this night, and Jose Alvarado scored two points in the ninth game when Gregorius caught up with Washington with a two-out error. It was on the verge of victory.

Alvarado finally closed in 10th place. He won after Realmudo hit two home runs. Both runs were immeasurable as Knot recorded an undefeated streak in the 10th round.

Hoskins recorded his second run in 10th place with his knowledge of these little things, especially the ban on third base coach Dusty Baisan. Washington shortstop Luis Garcia intercepted the Hoskins on their way to third place as the Realmuted ball passed in the middle. Upon sensing the barrier, Badan saw John Bacon, the third base umpire, raise his hand, and Hoskins waved angry at home to confirm that the run was counted.

“Dusty knows fate,” Thompson said. “Excellent. Very smart.”

“It shows how good he is in baseball,” Harper said of the beating.

Philis really passes that move in spring training. He comes out occasionally, but when we played this game everyone was ready.

It’s easy to imagine Billy’s failing such a game in the first two months of the season. The mistakes were random, with the bullpen occasionally melting and swaying defenses.

Safety and Bruben aren’t perfect yet, but things are looking up.

“We’re probably finding a way to win a game we don’t like. That’s what a good team does,” Hoskins said. “We don’t think we’re out of the game. There’s a lot to do with how bats play, but the Fulvene guys have been doing well lately, hitting the zone and some when they hit. I think I’m throwing zero.

Pill won the first game in 3 hours and 32 minutes.

The second game won in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

“Today is a big day for baseball,” Harper said. “Today I won the series in two more games, so I’m fine and feeling good from here.”

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