Overcoming vibration is a challenge for América-MG and Fluminense of Independencia – Jornaldo Oeste.

They share the same ranking score (14 points), are in the middle of the table and aim to participate in Brasilei Run’s G-4. But to reach this goal, América-MG and Fluminense, who will meet in Independencia this Wednesday at 9:30 pm, need to reach an agreement with victory so they can actually participate in the competition. ..

With the advantage of playing at home, Wagner Mancini has already shown that the team needs to do things right in the championship. Coaches who are willing to break a series of two consecutive defeats make important reinforcements. This is Felipe Azebed.

Athletes were at risk of playing up to three hook games for expulsion against Atlético-MG in the fifth round. He was acquitted by the Superior Court of Sport and Justice (STJD) and confirmed in an attack in the state of Minas Gerais.

His player experience is a factor that Mancini takes into account to meet performance standards. And relying on Everald, Aloisio, and Felipease Bedo for attacks on Cariocas is an opportunity you need to take advantage of.

So it’s time to forget the defeats of Ceará and São Paulo for Fluminense to start a new phase in Brasileilan. “Look, the championship is very balanced and the proof is that the teams are intertwined. All we have to do is be confident in the work. Of course, without winning It’s a hassle to play in two games, but I know the conditions for a turnaround, “forward Everald said.

Mancini has sent several athletes to the medical department, including striker Paulinho Boya, defender Iago Maidana, midfielder Indio Ramirez, and Mateus Sinho, so Jailson’s goal is to reach the goal. Experience is important to bring stability to the defensive department.

On the Fluminense side, this irregularity was a major challenge to overcome. After defeating Atletico-MG 5-3, Fernando Ziniz’s team lost to Atletico-GO 2-0 at home, disappointing fans again.

However, suspension can complicate Fernando Geniz’s life. David Braz, who was sent off in the previous game, and André and Arias, who received the third yellow card, participated.

Paulo Henrique Ganso returns to the team to provide more quality to the creative sector. The base promise, Matheus Martins, returned to the team after defending the Brazilian team under the age of 20. This should be a bench option.

In advance, Kano’s opportunism and Luis Henrique’s skills are the trump card to surprise the host. “The team was fierce in the field and fans have seen it. There is no shortage of deliveries. All we have to do is fix some details,” Fernando Dinnis said. I did.

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