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How many great assets is the NBA dynasty built on? If you’re Jerry Clauze and you have the best player ever on your team, without turning the clock back too much and parking in the 90’s, you don’t need that much perk. Phil Jackson scribbles aggressive triangles on drawing boards and courts with trio Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman as his ultimate cards.

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors NBA — Photo: Adam Grantsman / Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs also spoke loudly throughout the turn of the year and the 2000s. In this cutout, the California franchise had five titles and Texan had four titles. The Lakers were the gorgeous conductors of Phil Jackson, such as Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher, in addition to the mercury duo formed by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in the first batch of trophies.

At San Antonio, the toolbox needed to be more diversified. Trump Card is Gregg Popovich’s talented technician, two of the greatest foreigners in history (Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker), and a reliable support cast (Stephen Jackson, Malik Rose, Bruce).・ Bowen, Brent Barry, Robert Holly). , Michael Finley … do you remember? ) And, of course, a killer attack system supported by the movement of many balls.

Golden State Warriors NBA — Photo: Elsa / Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors have been champions for the first time in eight years and have been demonstrating their strengths since 2015. The main dragons are the three-headed dragons formed by Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry. Kevin Durant joined the equation in 2017 and conducted a scorched earth operation for the two seasons of competition. There is also Steve Kerr who will surely end his career as one of the bystanders. Management, represented by Bob Myers, is flexible, open to new developments, takes risks calculated from the beginning of the process, and guarantees its glory. But should we go back to court?

In the era of pick-and-roll evolution and one-on-one mismatch hunting, the Warriors’ ubiquitous assets, the fourth champion in eight years, are one of the game’s most underrated fundamentals, the ballless. Is to worship the movement of. Constant attacks on space, organized cuts and hesitation, surgical relocation tricks … it’s all there and the poetry is moving. For those who defend it, it’s a never-ending purgatory. Curry and his gravitational constant only increase damage.

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It’s no coincidence that the Golden State rostering over the last few years has always been based on this premise. The new piece does not have to have Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, or Stephen Curry’s off-turn ability at the off-ball offense. However, taking a minimum of this inspiration is a basic prerequisite. Those who arrived and didn’t dance to the music packed their bags (Nick Young, Corey Stein, Kelly Oubre Jr. …). Those who knew how to accept and were successful in committing to a “read / react” system did the best (Andrew Wiggins).

By the way, how about a bonus trump card for the redemption story in the changing room? In the book “Plots for Sale in Leading Magazines,” American author Charles Simmons cites the premise of the 30 most successful stories in literature and, by extension, in movies. One of these 30 concepts is the concept of an incompetent hero that proves his worth (for example, the concept of animation A A Bug’s Life or the drama The Pursuit of Happiness).

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The Andrew Wiggins trail passes through this place of an incompetent hero who redeems himself. The first picks that didn’t match in Minnesota were the impact of victory, leadership profiles, suspicious shot choices, whimsical defenses, and struggling to play without the ball, and what happened in the end in the league. Was shown. In the right environment, at the right time.

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