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“OhThe lesson from all of this is that it’s difficult to belong to two clubs, “said Nancy President Gautier Ganai after being demoted to the third tier of France last month. After a brief participation in Burnsley at the age of 30 in 2018, Ganae was the youngest CEO of British football and juggled his role at Nancy as Executive President of the Belgian club KV Ostend last season. Did.

Barnsley, who was banished from the championship in April despite reaching last year’s playoffs, is headed by New City Capital, an investment group that includes American investors Pacific Media Group, such as Nancy and Oostende. I own the department. “The first brief wasn’t that I was 100% there,” said Ganaye in his two roles. “Discussion is underway to define a structure that enables all clubs in the group to function.”

The situation wasn’t very good on the pitch for the rest of New City Capital’s steadily growing club portfolio. Toon, who won the national title in 2010, strove for a midfield finish in the second tier of Switzerland, Esbjar fans endured another season’s frustration in Denmark’s second division, FC Den Bosch in the Netherlands. It remains in a pinch on the second tier.

At least investors were dynamos at the end of May by Kaiserslautern, a four-German champion who sold a 10% stake to a US consortium consisting of New City Capital’s Chainry and Pacific Media Group’s Paul Conway in March. Dresden in the promotional playoff to return to the second tier of Germany for the first time since 2018 had something to celebrate when defeated.

The joy of Kaiserslautern after being promoted to the second tier of Germany. Photo: Oliver Hart / Bundesliga Collection / Getty Images

From New City Capital and 777 Partners LLC to City Football Group (CFG), Bolt Football Holdings, Redbird Capital and Red Bull, it seems more than just owning one football club these days. Even the Saudi Arabian public investment fund, which was born out of the controversial acquisition of Newcastle, has been rumors that it is being contested to acquire the Polish club SlaskWroclaw, despite strong local opposition. , Seems to be trying to participate in this action.

“Silesia is an ancestral silver,” said Wojciech Kerber, a spokesman for the local government of Wroclaw last week. “The history of this city is not something that sells for a few zloty. It’s not just a business project, it’s a social project.”

Meanwhile, Qatar Sports Investments is trying to turn Paris Saint-Germain into a European superpower thanks to its unlimited financial resources, but has seen the majority of Abu Dhabi-owned CFGs acquire an expanding empire. Later, there is a strong whisper that we are trying to build a club portfolio. The acquisition of France’s Club Troyes in 2020 resulted in double digits. CFG failed to buy Breda in April after a fierce backlash from fans of Dutch clubs.

“It wouldn’t be surprising if QSI bought a Portuguese club right away,” said one source. “They have seen how successful CFG is in running so many different clubs around the world, so everyone wants to do the same. The system has been improved by CFG. But the idea was started by Pozzos. “

Paris Saint-Germain stadium
Can QSI, who owns Paris Saint-Germain, buy another club right away? Could it be in Portugal? Photo: Johannes Simon / Uefa / Getty Images

Pozzos, the Italian owner of Udinese and Watford, relinquished control of Granada’s shares in 2016, seven years after taking command of the Spanish side. The phenomenon of multi-club can actually go a long way back. A groundbreaking case in the Court of Arbitration for Sport regarding two shares owned by Ennick, the company that British businessman Joe Louis acquired Tottenham in 2000.

AEK Court ruling on Ennick’s minority shareholders in Athens and Slavia Prague’s majority shareholders prohibits two clubs with “decisive influence” by individuals or businesses from participating in the same Uefa club convention It led to the introduction of the rules to do.

However, different rules are set for each domestic league, so a fairly large loophole remains open. The Premier League limits the stake in the second club in the division to 10%, but Uefa’s integrity rules allow one person to hold 100% stake in one club and the same competition. It is permitted to hold shares of “non-deterministic impact” in another club participating in. ..

In Germany, when U.S. investor David Blitzer, who owns a 40% stake in Crystal Palace through his company Bolt Football Holdings, purchased 45% of the company that owns a majority stake in Augsburg in early 2021. I had a question.Club member Holding 50 + 1 shares of voting rights, they stayed on the right side of the rule and the issue of demotion after January club record signed US forward Ricardo Pepi in a $ 18 million ($ 14.75 million) deal. The season was over. ..

It wasn’t the only victory for Blitzer, who was behind Sir Martin Broughton’s failure to bid on Chelsea last month. If successful, it meant abandoning the stock in his palace. His Dutch club, The Hague, missed a promotion to Eredivisie in the playoffs, and his Belgian team, Waasland Beveren, was about to return to top flight six years after being demoted. Bolt Football Holdings could also become the new owner of 10-time French champion Saint-Etienne after being demoted to League 2 in the dramatic scene of the playoffs with Auxerre.

Meanwhile, Red Bird, another American investment vehicle partnered with Liverpool owners John Henry and Tom Werner, and the NFL and LeBron James, has completed the purchase of Italian champion Milan to Toulouse. Succeeded in returning to League 1. For $ 1.3 billion.

Milan celebrates Serie A title last month
Milan celebrates the Serie A title last month. They were purchased by Red Bird, who has a club in League One next season, thanks to the promotion of Toulouse. Photo: Nicola Marfisi / AGF / Shutterstock

Miami-based 777 expects similar profits after completing a $ 175.8 million transaction to purchase Genova in September and acquiring 100% of Standard de Liège in March. With this sale, Standard, which has not won a domestic title since 2009, will become the 10th club in Belgium’s top flight attracting foreign investment, with nearly half of Serie A’s clubs being North American investors or consortiums since 2018. Sold to.

In February, 777 opened the door to foreign investment by spending $ 137 million on a 70% stake in Vasco de Gama under last year’s law allowing Brazilian clubs to operate as a publicly traded company. John Textre, an American who was reported to have spent £ 87.5m to join Blitzer as a minority shareholder at the Palace in August after showing interest in Newcastle a month ago, said 90% of Botafogo’s stake. I got.

Textor says he intends to regain his glorious year at the Rio de Janeiro Club, where Jairzinho and Garrincha are famous. “I want to make it clear three to five years from now that there is a Botafogo road,” he insisted. “Failure is the best teacher.”

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