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The Municipal Health Department (SMS) guides residents on the risk of contamination with leptospirosis, which is present in the urine of rats and causes leptospirosis, through the Deputy Secretary of Primary Care, Surveillance and Health Promotion (Subpav). Despite the warning, Deputy Secretary Rodrigo Carneiro says there is no reason to panic, but be aware that the sooner the disease is diagnosed, the more likely it is that the treatment will be successful. ..

“People who are exposed, regardless of work or living environment, should be careful if they have fever, muscle aches, arthralgias, malaise and do not improve with antipyretic drugs.” Antipyretic for several days. These people should seek medical help immediately, “recommends an infectious disease specialist.

Of the two cases of leptospirosis confirmed by the local government this year, one died. In the past year, there have been 5 confirmed cases, including 1 death. According to Rodrigo Carneiro, this year’s death was confirmed in the laboratory this Monday (13). The 58-year-old truck driver was admitted to San Jose Hospital (HSJ) on the 8th, attended immediately, and materials were collected for analysis at the Central Public Health Institute Noel Nutels (LACEBN / RJ). Positive for leptospirosis. “Because of the serious illness, the patient was transferred to Beneficencia Portuguesa Hospital, where he underwent hemodialysis, but his clinical picture deteriorated and he died,” explained an infectious disease specialist.

For professionals, it has dangerous professional functions, especially manual workers, and is a load of movement, even in polluted water, sheds and other situations. “These people need to double their care and use personal protective equipment (PPE) so that they can protect themselves from this contact with the bacteria present in the rodent’s urine.” The infectious disease specialist advised.

Carneiro also points out that riverside residents, residents in areas without basic sanitation, people exposed to rainwater, and freight workers are considered epidemiological risks of leptospirosis. “There are treatments with antibiotics, but to do that you need to find a doctor to diagnose and treat, so as soon as you have symptoms that are very similar to those of other arboviruses such as dengue fever, the hospital It’s important to ask for help, “he pointed out.


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