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I feel that England only ended the men’s season on Tuesday. Why have you missed soccer since that day? We were kicking rolled socks around the living room in the hope of compensating for the lack of action in the terry box, but ironically, the plasma screen cracked. Don’t hurt your socks so badly.

After spending the night in Grog on Thursday morning, I was delighted when I woke up at 11:35 am. I rubbed my eyes and the 2022-23 Premier League match was released, finally telling us what we can do. I’m looking forward to it again. We’ve taken a closer look at every game, including Liverpool v Manchester City, Fulham v Leeds, Bournemouth v West Ham, and all the big names. I also created a wall chart to write which games to play in a big way each weekend. Not surprisingly, we apologize for the various family events and priorities for next year.

“We can’t satisfy everyone,” conspirators have pointed out the opening of the match against Brighton at Manchester United’s home for six consecutive seasons, while others have been fraudulent in Liverpool for four consecutive seasons. Kick off against the newly promoted team – Fulham – in. “There are 2,036 games played in the Premier League and the Football League in nine months. The ideal solution is to ensure that all of these games are on schedule.” Or for broadcast reasons. I changed the schedule at the last minute.

I’m already thinking about what will happen when Bournemouth hosts Southampton on Tuesday, October 18th. Will the autumn air make a difference on the South Coast? Will the leaves fall to the pitch, divert the ball over Mark Travers and secure a last-minute victory for Saints? Too many unknown factors can affect a game that can define a season, but you’ll have to wait a few months to find it. It takes a long and stern look at the fixtures, and after scrutinizing them weekly, all teams are away from home (the little fiber there for you) and –🚨BREAKING !!! 🚨–Club Reveal playing with each other at the end of the season when the most points come, the league wins, but the one with the three lowest tally is delegated. Let’s start the game (two months later).

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Today’s quote

“If you want to counter the temptation of the screen … you need more than sticking to tradition and nostalgia.” – Now, when it comes to the temptation of the screen, the strange uncle Fiber may be the cause of the loss, but the Dutch FA Amateur coach soccer Jan Dirk van der Zee wants other fans to participate in the planning of new football legislation, including kick-ins, flying subs and dribbles from free kicks.

Kick-in, Jeremy? That’s insane! Composite: Getty, Reuters, Shutterstock

Fiber letter

“I don’t think Sarai, Naji, and Gazdag will be as famous as Hideguchi, Puskás, and Bozik in hiding in England, but the result is that the brave Three Lions are on track to ensure their return. Means! By 2035? ”– Steve Wardinski.

“Have you got a Football Weekly branded pint glass (yesterday’s last line)? Does the marketer behind the store know anything about Football Weekly listeners?” – Joe Pearson [could we not get some Fiver merch? – Fiver Commercial Ed]..

“Gmail seems to be truncating a copy of The Fiver in a slightly inappropriate place, or maybe it’s telling me something.” – Tim Gray

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News, bit, bob

Just as the French authorities thought they couldn’t be ashamed anymore, it turned out that the riot police were deployed in the Champions League final because of the misunderstood relationship between Hillsboro and the hooligans. “This is a complete, exorbitant failure to understand the disaster,” said Louise Brooks, one of the 97 people whose brother Andrew was killed. “And this prejudice that Liverpool’s supporters are hooligans is based on a complete misunderstanding of what happened 33 years ago and is about to cause another disaster in Paris for a new generation of Liverpool fans. . “

Meanwhile, French officials investigating the turmoil in Paris where police used tear gas on nine-year-old supporters have admitted that they have “a lot of regrets” about what happened, but they are still well prepared. Claims to have been. “Crowd control could have been better,” said Michelle Kad, head of a major event at the Ministry of Sports, in a stunning understatement.

Steph Houghton hasn’t won England in Euro 2022 this summer, but Fran Kirby is in 23rd place in the final. “It’s hard for every player to be disappointed,” sighed manager Salina Wiefman. “Of course she was really disappointed. She wasn’t happy because I know she did everything to make it. She just accepted the argument I gave her. So we left it for now, and we will contact you later. “

23-year-old Leah Williamson visits the royal family for training.
23-year-old Leah Williamson visits the royal family for training. Photo: WPA / Getty Images

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez claims that French President Emmanuel Macron has intervened to convince Kylian Mbappe to sign a new contract with PSG. “Macron called Mbappe, it doesn’t make sense,” he sobbed. “PSG suggested to him to be the leader of the project. It changed everything.”

Josep Guardiola loves the challenge and will be pleased that Manchester City has added Erling Brout to the disgraceful underpowered team. And Brighton’s Marc Cucrela looks like this:

Barnsley has welcomed Michael Duff from Cheltenham as his new manager. “Now I’m in the stadium and I’m wearing a kit, so I can’t wait to see the players,” he cheered, and he didn’t realize he wasn’t himself. ..

And the motivational news was that dozens of Botafogo fans broke into the club’s training center, showing players and officers illness and left in the relegation zone of Serie A in Brazil.

Still want more?

“Gareth Southgate is another business administration that teaches us more about the deep cultural delusions of England and British football than tactics, formations, penalty shootouts, etc.” Read Bernie Rhone.

Is it on an airplane or on a sofa? Nick Ames will look at how England’s Human Rights World Cup team is formed.

Jesse is having fun in Miami.
Jesse is having fun in Miami. Composite: Guardian / Getty / PA

Things aren’t particularly rosy in French gardens, Raphaël Jucobin reports.

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