Novo Hamburg has killed two more people from dengue fever

With two more confirmations on Thursday (16), Novo Hamburg became the city with the highest death toll in Rio Grande do Sul in 2022, with eight people killed in dengue fever. ..

Novo Hamburg has killed two more people from dengue fever
Photo: Diego da Rosa / GES

According to the State Department (SES), the state has killed 56 people this year from the disease. In addition, more than 43,000 confirmed cases of native (occurring within RS) and imported from elsewhere have already been identified. By monitoring the state’s health, 27 people have been hospitalized, 6 of whom are in ICU beds (all adults).

In the region, in addition to Novo Hamburgo and Igrejinha, Dois Ilmans, Estância Velha, Nova Harz, Palobe, São Leopoldo and Sapucaia do Sul also recorded deaths from dengue this year.


Although still in the middle of the year, the data already represent a record of disease investigations in RS. In terms of both deaths and cases, the 2022 number is the highest ever recorded in the historic series of dengue fever in the state.

Last year it ended with 10,000 cases and 11 deaths, but in 2020 there were 3,000 cases and 3 deaths. Prior to these, only two and one deaths from dengue fever occurred in Rio Grande do Sul in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Taking care of the elderly

Prevention of dengue fever should be done primarily by eliminating areas of water pools where the vector mosquito Aedes aegypti breeds.

This measure protects the risk of disease transmission and progression, especially among the elderly. According to SES, the elderly are among the most mortal age groups this year, accounting for 79% of all outbreaks. Of the 56 confirmed deaths, 6 died between the ages of 60 and 69, 18 died between the ages of 70 and 79, and 20 died over the age of 80.

Cities confirmed dead from dengue fever in 2022
  • South Amethyst: 1
  • Boa Vista Dobrica: 2
  • Southern Waterfall: 2
  • Chapada: 1
  • Condor: 1
  • Southern Crystal: 1
  • Two brothers: 1
  • Erechim: 1
  • Old resort: 1
  • Orison China: 5
  • Small church: 6
  • Jabuticaba: 3
  • Slab: 4
  • New Candelaria: 1
  • New Hearts: 1
  • New Hamburg: 8
  • New ax: 1
  • Parobe: 2
  • Porto Alegre: 4
  • Putinga: 1
  • Roundabout: 3
  • Santa Rosa: 1
  • Sao Leopold: 3
  • Sapucaia do Sul: 1
  • Severi: 1

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