Netball Australia can look to gambling cash to solve financial hardships | Netball

Netball Australia says it’s not on the verge of collapse in the cash crisis that masks the start of the sports elite-level final series, but the organization says it’s gambling advertising to generate more revenue. I can accept the money.

NA has lost $ 7.2 million in the last two years and is reported to have a bank loan of about $ 4 million. In the 2021 season, we lost about $ 4.4 million, much of it due to the cost of the hub during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Super Netball final series began on Saturday, with the Governing Body selling its Grand Final hosting rights to the highest bidder, Perth. The decision was criticized by the Australian Netball Players Association. The Australian Netball Players Association has stated that players have been “ravaged” by the decision and have not been consulted.

NA CEO Kelly Ryan said he defended the decision in just two rounds remaining in the minor round season and is part of a plan to ensure that the sport is sustainable.

“We understand the current financial situation and are very transparent about it,” Ryan said in a statement on Friday. “We are not on the verge of financial ruin. We know what it takes to protect the future of Netball Australia.

“This means that we must continue to explore financial and commercial opportunities to ensure that our organization is positioned for growth, making difficult decisions along the way. We have to make, but we know that these decisions will help us rebound as soon as possible. “

Ryan said accepting sponsorships from gambling companies is not “out of scope”.

“In reality, gambling sponsorship is very important and very profitable in sports,” she told ABC. “Netball needs to put itself a little more out of the comfort zone in terms of what it thinks and considers.

“Trading of that nature requires a lot of things to make sense, but there are many other commercial opportunities outside of the sport that haven’t been realized yet, which we really see. It must be. “

Ryan, who became CEO of NA last year, said netball needs to maximize its commercial potential.

“Unfortunately, women’s sports don’t attract the value of the sponsorship dollars that some men’s sports do,” she said. “So it’s worth the investment in every way, so we really need to challenge and change it.

“… we need to focus on that it’s a commercial asset and netball is a commercial business, and we need to start thinking that way so that we can change the tracking method. I have.”

Ryan added that the sport “has a bright future.”

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