NBA Draft Bulletin (June 16, 2022)

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Thunder is conducting a detailed investigation of Shaedon Sharpe

Shaedon Sharpe In short, it ’s a big mystery. draft this year. Point guards didn’t appear in court last season, but are still expected to be the top 10 hiring options. Oklahoma City Thunder intends to unravel the question mark.According to Jonathan Jibonnie ESPNA particularly detailed investigation was conducted by the team on the outlook.

By the way, the possibility of playing in the franchise is also appreciated by representatives of 19-year-old players. Analysts aren’t worried about the team he plays, but found Thunder to be at the top of Sharp’s tastes.

Ivy will decide not to be chosen as king

If the sharp in lightning looks like this: Match Good for everyone involved Jaden Ivey Seems to be running away from Sacramento Kings. Jonathan Zibony informs the player that the player is resisting the team’s training and should not release his medical examination for analysis. Therefore, franchises tend to increase their efforts to negotiate a fourth choice of recruitment.

However, it is worth remembering that this type of resistance does not prevent ivy from being chosen by the king. For example, it is speculated that Davion Mitchell relied on the same means last year and was (yet) chosen.

Legendary Larry Brown greatly praises Jalen Duren

Jalen Duren Is one of the youngest outlooks in draft, But still, it must be one of the first pivots chosen at night. And to that end, he has a “blessing” that is none other than a member of the Hall of Fame. Legendary Larry Brown was an assistant at the University of Memphis last season, and he only praises the age of 18.

“Many people compare him to the Bam because they are pivots that don’t shoot. But in reality, Jalen is much taller. Then I always tell you, your type is Ben. -Must be Wallace, he said, because Ben was able to run at the pace of any NBA player and was able to move his legs lightly to the defense, “Brown said.

Banchero is a favorite of Grant Hill’s first pick

Orlando Magic makes the most difficult choice, draft.. After all, who has to choose: Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith Also Paolo Banchero?? The three are still splitting the opinions of analysts and fans in the week leading up to the recruitment. For example, veteran Grant Hill already has his favorite.The ex-Magic player is, of course, next to a prospect coming from him Alma problem..

“Paolo has a special combination of height, abilities and natural instincts. You certainly don’t see it in many prospectuses. By the way, Jabari and Chet are also great players. Playstyles are all different. But they are very talented. They will have a great career going forward. But as a resident of Orlando and a former Duke athlete, I chose Paolo. ” USA Today Sports..

In the transition period

-O Los Angeles Lakers There is no choice in this draft, But that should change by the day of hiring.According to website Jake Fischer Bleacher ReportThe team works to get the selection of the second round.

– – Dyson Daniels Pre-hiring forecasts show a rapid rise. When the Atlanta Hawks try to break into the top 10 to pick him, he will be a powerful choice for the Indiana Pacers in sixth place overall.

– Italian Gabriele Procida He gave his name draft this year. The young wing isn’t much talked about in the mock, but he’s been on the radar of some teams late in the first round.

– By the way, another international outlook guaranteed by recruitment is pivot. Yannick Zosa.. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, playing in Unicaja Málaga (Spain), is probably expected to be the pick for the second round.

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