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The Mogi das Cruzes adult men’s basketball team will not be on the court during the 2022/23 season.

In a statement released this Wednesday afternoon (22), the club announced the withdrawal of participation in the Paulista Championship and the next edition of Novo Basketball Brazil (NBB) in late 2022.

Mogi will not have an adult team next season — Photo: Suelen Ladessa / Mogi Baskete

The reason for the suspension of adult team activity is the financial crisis that the Mojano Club has experienced in the last few seasons. This is the first time an adult team has been out of competition since the project was reopened in 2011.

In an interview with ge About a month ago, Dimas Martins Franco Jr., chairman of the Mogi das Cruzes Sports Association, who manages the basketball team, talked about his plans for the season.

He confirmed that the team was participating in Campeonato Paulista, but confirmed its potential presence at NBB.

Dimas Martins, Chairman of the Mogi das Cruzes Sports Association, responsible for managing the Mogi das Cruz — Photo: Vinicius Silva / TV Diário

In almost 30 years of history, Modidas Cruzes’ professional basketball has won two Paulista titles in 1996 and 2016, as well as a South American title for the 2016/15 season, in addition to the 2017/18 cycle NBB runner-up. Is accumulating. By the way, the competition that Mogi has existed in the last 10 editions.

According to a memo released by the club, during the 2022/23 season, Mogi will focus on the basic categories only and play in the Basketball Development League (LDB), the Brazilian championship in the under 15 and under 17 categories. To do. Riga Paulista tournaments for teams under the age of 22, and teams under the age of 11 and 12.

Mogi Baskete became the champion of São Paulo in 2016 — Photo: Cairo Riuler

Please read the full text below.

That basketball is very important to Modian, we already know! And when this passion is cultivated from the beginning, it is a guarantee of a loyal fan base and a stable club.

Mogi Basquete wants to enjoy this experience through the basic categories that are already a reality. Since last season, nine training categories have been set up through selectives and the team has already competed in official state and national championships. SUB 11, SUB 12, SUB 13, SUB 14, SUB 15, SUB 16, SUB 17, SUB 18, SUB 22.

Participating in the evolution of a club is the same as growing up with the club, vibrating with each achievement, receiving cups, winning awards, and becoming part of the family.

With your support, we continue to bring the name of Mogibaskete to Brazil and confirm our participation in the Brazilian Championship in two categories. SUB15 and SUB17. In addition to LDB (Development League), SUB 22 will participate and become one of the championship venues. Not to mention the participation of SUB11 and SUB12 in the Paulista Basketball League.

All of this makes us a basketball club in the right way and we are preparing the future of Modian basketball through a strong foundation. And we will get rewards soon.

And with the same responsibilities and plans, he chose not to join Campeonato Paulista and NBB with the professional team in 2022. At this time, athletes have a great opportunity to be trained at home and with a large investment in the base category from the city of Mogi das Cruzes to prepare a strong base to solve all financial pending issues. ..

The crowd is the best in any club. We rely on you for this new sowing and we will enjoy the results together.


Dimas Martins Franco Jr.

Chairman of the Mogi das Cruzes Sports Association

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