Matthew Fitzpatrick and Will Zaratris lead McIlroy at US Open | US Open

By Monday morning, a statue of Matt Fitzpatrick could be planned in Brookline. Success at both the US Amateur Championship and the US Open at Country Clubs is now within Fitzpatrick’s grasp and will be a significant achievement.

Fitzpatrick, who endured Sunday’s turmoil at the PGA Championship last month, is eager for glory at his next major start. With an amateur victory at this illustrious venue in 2013, Yorkshire Man starts to lead the fourth day. At 4 Under Par, Fitzpatrick has Will Zaratris for the company. History supports Fitzpatrick.

In his honor, Fitzpatrick confidently talked about the influence of nine years ago. “Sure, I think we can have an edge over others,” he said. “I really believe it. It’s a really, obviously positive moment in my career. It’s like kicking me off.

“It’s like giving me confidence in each round to get back here and play very well again.”

Jon Rahm reached the 18th tee with a par 5 under. Bunker trouble-and double bogey-followed. Defending Champion 1 Overpar 71 means he is one of the major duo shy.

Losing in the playoffs with Justin Thomas in the Southern Hills, Zaratris was even closer to the US PGA’s victory than Fitzpatrick. Zalatoris 67 was the third day performance. Curiously, the 25-year-old has five top 10 finishes with seven major starts, but hasn’t beat the mainstream tour event yet.

“The US PGA has given me a lot of belief and confidence that I belong to this situation,” Zalatoris said. “Thinking about it, there’s a difference in being in that situation and believing it, so I think that’s probably the biggest change. That USPGA makes me one of the world’s best players. It really made me feel that I could be. “

Rory McIlroy’s 73 leads him with three people and is therefore still in great contact. The wild nature of the US Open was emphasized by Scottie Scheffler. Scottie Scheffler took a two-shot lead with a 6-under, aiming for the Eagle on the 8th. By the 15th tee, the number one in the world was -1. Chefler closed after 71 with 2 unders. Adam Hadwin and Keegan Bradley have the same score.

The frustration associated with the generally fierce US Open setup was embodied by Thomas’ actions. The PGA Championship ball stopped a few centimeters away from the drain in the middle of the 4th fairway. Thomas would have been given free relief if the drainage pipe was obstructing his stance or his swing line. The referee decided that neither was applicable.

Thomas completely clarified his annoyance and cast a curse on how many of his fellow experts would have acted if he appeared in the same movie.

“That’s what makes me angry,” Thomas told his caddy, Jim “Bones” McKay. “Many others will lie about being able to hit it, but it’s just like:” I’m not going to hit it. “It’s a fucking bullshit, guy. Thomas abandoned his club in significant quantities.

After signing 72, Thomas left him with a plus 3, so he elaborated on the situation. “For me, it was around the drain and very clearly my stance and my ball sat different than if it weren’t there,” he said. “I called an official to get a ruling about it, and in the spirit of the game, I wasn’t going to hit the drain. I’m going to her and drop for free I felt like I was able to tell very easily that I got it, but I wasn’t.

“It’s a great drive and I’m sorry I had a pitching wedge in my hand. I could only hit the ball 100 yards. That means my stance and where the ball was changed changed and that It’s very obvious that I was sitting badly for the drain, but I didn’t get a drop from it. That’s exactly right. To get a drop, you need to be able to hit the drain. “

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    The United States Golf Association said in a statement: Justin was not offered relief because there was no interference from the drain. Rule 16.1a (1) states that when the ball touches or is in or over an obstacle, or the obstacle physically interferes with the player’s intended stance area or intended swing area. Occasionally, it stipulates that there is interference from immovable obstacles. The rules further state that if obstacles are close enough to distract the player, but do not interfere otherwise, there is no remedy under the rules. “

    Thomas does not feel completely himself without the hope of claiming consecutive majors. Justin Rose’s race is almost running after 74 shuffles him to plus 5. Brooks Koepka’s 75 means a match for Rose’s 54 holes total.

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