Matt Fitzpatrick’s US Open victory gets a “gorilla” from the back of Caddy Billy Foster | Golf

It takes a lot of time for a stoic person like Billy Foster to admit that he shed tears because of his failure. But after Thomas Bjorn missed the chance to win the 2003 British Open, he says he was in that state. In fact, from the home of sandwiches to Yorkshire. “I thought about it every day for six months,” Foster said. “It broke my heart.”

Matt Fitzpatrick was praised for his victory at the National Open at Brookline, but felt more good intentions flying towards Foster. One of the most popular characters in golf broke his duck.

With nearly 40 years of caddies from prominent golfers such as Seve Ballesteros, Lee Westwood, Bjorn and Darren Clarke, there was no major win. With over 40 titles, he played an important role in the moment of the Ryder Cup. This is legendary, but it’s not one of the four major golf titles. The 27-year-old fellow Yorkshireman gave Foster his moment, which led to appreciation from the sport as a whole. Emotional Foster kissed the flag on the 18th hole when Will Zaratris’s putt squeezed past the hole to confirm the victory.

“I’ve seen a lot of friends win majors,” Foster said. “I’ve been very close over the years. Darren had a chance. Thomas was a sandwich, Westy was Mickelson’s Masters, and three puttings were done in Turnberry in 2009. There was a lot of broken hearts and a lot of scar tissue. After missing Will’s putt, it was a complete relief. The gorilla is now off my back. It’s a gorilla, not a monkey. “

Foster missed the scheduled return flight on Sunday night. He wasn’t sure if he would take the plane home on Monday night. “I’m going on a holiday on Wednesday, so it’s better to stay home by then,” he said.

The bond between Fitzpatrick and Foster is strong. “This means the world for Billy,” said the new National Open Champion. “It’s unbelievable to him. I know it’s what he’s been wanting for a long time. It’s incredible to do it.

“When I was in the caddy, we got to work together. He just broke up with Lee and happened to work. Interesting. He kept telling me for the first time at work. , “I’ll just do 25 weeks and maybe fill in for others.” I think he took about two weeks off in four years. “

Matt Fitzpatrick realizes his “dream” of winning his first golf major at the US Open – Video

Fitzpatrick definitely benefited from Foster’s candid story, but the caddy he masks well has a soft side. Foster was quietly confident about his employer’s US Open opportunity long before the ball was hit. However, Sunday’s back nine was a source of concern as Fitzpatrick missed a short par putt on the 10th and 11th. At the closing hole, after finding sand in the tee, he launched a great iron shot that will serve as a reference point for the US Open for years to come.

“He has played great golf,” Foster added. “When he kept missing a five-foot putt, I thought of myself,’a little bastard!’ It’s my head because everyone knows how good a putter is usually. “What do you do to me?” I thought he was trying to end me.

“A great shot on the 18th. There was a disagreement about the tee. He likes to hit the driver in that hole, I like him hitting the threewoods. He hits the threewoods. Putting it in the bunker, I thought to myself, “Oh no.” But his recovery was one of the best shots I’ve ever seen. thank god.

“I always thought Matt was the winner, but I have to admit that he didn’t think he would be as good as he was. He’s much better than I thought. He believes. He has an unbelievable work ethic and no one is working hard. You can definitely see him winning more majors. “

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