Major League Soccer surprises and ends the deal with Apple to broadcast the game

A surprising agreement moved the sports broadcast market this Tuesday (14). Major League Soccer (MLS) and Apple have announced a contract to broadcast the games of the tournament over the next 10 years. The agreement will come into effect in 2023 and will use Apple TV as a dedicated platform.It is estimated that the contract needs to move more $ 2 billion During this period. Partnership League cup Departure from MLS Next Pro When MLS NEXT..

In addition to displaying live streaming games, some highlights of weekly shows and rounds will also be available through programming created by the platform itself. AppleTV + subscribers are limited in number. Of the match. It is available free of charge. Access to the new MLS Streaming Service is included as part of the MLS Full Season Ticket Package.

“For the first time in the history of sports, fans will have one place to access all of the major professional sports leagues. MLS fans, football fans, and anyone who loves sports will have a dream come true. Frustration. No rations. The flexibility to sign up for a convenient service that offers all the MLS you want to see anytime, anywhere. I can’t wait for more people to fall in love with MLS and support the club. Favorite. ” Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, said. Currently, MLS games are broadcast on ESPN +, ESPN, ABC and Fox Sports.

For Bruno Maia, Sports Innovation Executive and CEO of FeelTheMatch, which produces sports content for streaming, Apple’s investment in MLS is just a testament to what’s happening already.

“Apple TV sees the importance of combining live sports with complementary content to enable consumers to continue browsing after the game is over. Already gradually in North American leagues, especially hockey and baseball. Investing in a key sporting position in the North American market, he explains.

For Eduardo Carrezzo, a lawyer specializing in sports law, the agreement between the parties can be seen as impressive to the football market. “We’re talking about deadlines, what the Apple brand means, the fact that all games are broadcast on Apple TV, and MLS is part of the revenue generated by subscriptions to game packages. In football, the contract period. It usually takes three years to follow the patterns of major European leagues, but the logic of the American market is different. For example, last year NFL and Apple also signed a 10-year contract. “, He Pointed out.

Also new to the deal is that all MLS and League Cup matches will include an announcer calling shots in English and Spanish, and all matches involving Canadian teams will be available in French. increase.

“The most interesting part of their move is the simultaneous investment in non-competitive sports betting content with great success, which is fictitious based on the coach’s story,” Bruno Maia said. I will add. He is also the director and producer of the series “Romário, oCara” to be screened on HBO +.

“Big Tech’s strong entry into the sports broadcast market has always been highly anticipated. It took longer than expected, but it did happen. When we look at the impact this will have on our competitors. Has arrived, “concludes Eduardo Carlezzo.


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