Lucy Bronze:’There was an offer from the best teams in the world, Lyon and Barcelona’ | England Women’s Soccer Team

Her phone pinged after Lucy Bronze signed Barcelona last Saturday. Ballon d’Or winner Alexia Pteras has taken over Bronze as the FIFA player of the year.

“Alexia sent me a text message that she was very excited to play with me on the team,” Bronze says. “Such things give you great confidence when players want to play with you and the team wants you. Who doesn’t like them being said good? Does it give you confidence, and confidence plays a big role in your performance. “

Bronze’s return to Manchester City after a trophy-laden spell with Lyon wasn’t the fairy tale that Rightback probably wanted. In her two years back in Manchester, some suffered her injuries, but she won the FA Cup shortly after her return and the Continental League Cup last season.

The dream of winning the Champions League in the city looks as far away as she left for Lyon. Citi lost qualification for Real Madrid last season and lost in the quarterfinals to Barcelona last season.

The bronze agent’s phone was ringing after a terrible start after slipping through Manchester United to third place in the Champions League last month and being removed from the title race before it started properly.

“We had an offer from two of the best teams in the world, Lyon and Barcelona,” she says. “It wasn’t bad to be able to choose from there. These big teams that are very successful want to sign me, want me to play, that I can make a difference to their team Knowing gives me a lot of confidence. “

Leaving the Women’s Super League again was not a wrench. “To be honest, I didn’t really think about it,” Bronze says. “I wanted to play abroad again. My experience in Lyon was the best time of my career and the best moment of my career.

“Going out, spending time in different cultures, different experiences and playing with the best players in the world. It was easy to have the opportunity to do it again.

“I may not be able to hype the same experience in Barcelona, ​​but I want to do it because it was the best experience in my life. Having a similar experience in the UK There is none.”

It was important to trade before the home euro. “It was almost done the week after the end of the season. I had to find time to sort it all out. It was so exciting that it was hard to keep my mouth closed.

“One of the things I told Barça and my agents was that I wanted to do it before the tournament. Do it and get out of the way. Let’s focus on the UK I want to be. I don’t want to ask which club you’re going to next, and all the stories and gossip around it. “

Success in the UK is important. Bronze career hit list blank. She is a winner and is currently headed by former Dutch manager Salina Wiefmann, and England has an experienced victorious manager. “Having a winning experience is second to none,” says Bronze.

“Returning to club football, the Champions League final between Lyon and Barcelona. Everyone chose Barcelona, ​​but it was Lyon. [Amandine] Henry has the spirit of picking up a game and getting it. Winning is a valuable experience, and both I and Salina have a ton of it. “

Henry’s Lyon teammate and consecutive winner Ada Hegerberg says Bronze has a potential competitor to England’s Group A rival Norway.

Lucy Bronze (far right) and Ada Hegelberg (above her) are enjoying Lyon's 2018 Champions League final victory.
Lucy Bronze (far right) and Ada Hegelberg (above her) are enjoying Lyon’s 2018 Champions League final victory. Photo: Stuart Franklin / Uefa / Getty Images

“Ada is just a winner, the girl is crazy about that. I can remember the game she came to me in advance and said,” You just put the ball in the box and I score. ” I can do it. She is crazy about scoring and she wants to win the ball.

“There aren’t many No9s who can score goals, then tackle back and put their body on the line. She’s very tall and has pace, strength and fitness.

“For me it’s the crazy spirit she has that separates her. That’s something you can’t really influence. You really can’t get into her head-I might try Hmm.”

England is also a competitor, and expectations are rising for the opening match against Austria on July 6th in Old Trafford. Time changed rapidly for Bronze, an unused submarine at € 2013, as England was unable to escape from the group.

“That’s very different. I and Jordan [Nobbs] They were two babies on the team-we didn’t really talk, “she says. “I got Nike boots sent to me. Nobody had boots because there were few sponsors. It’s interesting because I just went out with the kids in the grassroots club. [who were watching training at St George’s Park] And they were looking for boots. I gave them boots because I can get them anytime. But at that time, we were sent these boots by Nike. All we did was give our size. We couldn’t choose anything else and had no name.

“They were a little too small for us. We were wearing boots that were much too small because I and Jordan didn’t dare to ask for another pair. It’s hard to think about it now. The Nike guy these days. It makes me laugh as he comes in and measures your feet and makes sure they fit like gloves.

“The first euro was something like:” You get what you were given to the girl, you crack down, “and we did. “

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