Loud, messy, and don’t apologize: Farewell Wendy Williams, “Queen of All Media” | US Television

The Friday farewell edition of The Wendy Williams Show struck all the expected notes.

The screams for the viewer’s enthusiastic support drew a standing ovation from the studio audience. The show’s first guest, Vanessa Williams, is back to celebrate the 57-year-old chat show host as a true media pioneer. And to conclude the show, comedian Sherri Shepherd threw it into the highlight reel of Williams’ biggest hit. Especially when Kanye and Kim got married, they fulfilled their promise to eat real crows.

Well, all that was missing was the actual host.

That’s why the Wendy Williams Show is approved after more than 1,500 episodes, of course. Overall, the program lasted 14 years, and she boldly trafficked celebrity gossip without worrying about Williams’ health crisis and personal and financial turmoil whether what she was saying was true. If it seemed to shatter his enthusiasm, he could probably have lasted longer. Made someone angry.

She hasn’t hosted the show directly since 2020, but her departure during the day With a wider turnaround Not a reason Williams couldn’t keep up with the times. If anything, the previous Radio Shock Joc was ahead of its time, changing the tone and pace of rumors as gossip expanded from tabloids and television news magazines to social media.

“This is the best show ever,” she said at some point on the highlight reels. “I swear I would be watching at home if I hadn’t done it here.” One of Lille’s last shots was her empty chair. And in that void remains a tricky legacy that has done as much as it hurt gossip journalism.

Among the dissonances of daytime television sirens, the 5’10 inch Williams rang out loudest. If her dramatic physical presence didn’t stop casual viewers on their tracks, her big mouth would almost certainly do so. While Ellen DeGeneres became friends with guests and The View was involved in a difficult debate, Williams graced the tabloid gossip, shaded famous guests, and otherwise purely enjoyed it. It was messy. The more she tapped her false eyelashes and sipped her tea, the more viewers ate it. Not only did Williams hit the typical daytime crowd, but her audience was young and diverse.

Wendy Williams unveiled her wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York in 2021. Photo: Madame Tussauds Cindiode / Getty Images in New York

Her most outspoken champion was an unlikely kind like John Oliver. John Oliver dedicated part of last week’s tonight to Williams eating lamb chops in the kitchen while filming at his home during Covid. “The more I look at Wendy, the more I realize that chaos isn’t the show’s problem. That’s what makes the show work,” Oliver puts in the same energy, before eating sandwiches on the camera as the credits roll. I was in good shape. “If this makes you uncomfortable, you may want to fuck and see something else.” And when this clip returned to the Williams show, Wendy was Wendy and her nose. And laughed.

Even as her profile went up and her fashion budget went up, Williams didn’t realize she was nothing more than a home-body jersey girl who preferred the red carpet to standing up on her own. She spent an hour with her like being in the ears of her mom’s loose hair stylist, and didn’t know what bomb would fall next.

Williams’ sharp tongue was beaten up on hip-hop radio, where she appeared as one of the first women in addition to actor performer Angie Martinez. Fox’s hit 90’s sitcom Martin cameo – by the way, her first television credit – was a confirmation of the great respect Williams ordered in the male-dominated industry. Williams, a morning drive personality in the early 90’s, acted as a satellite as a traffic reporter, sprinkling the latest dirt on rush hour reports, talking a lot about black celebrities, and calling the station to get it. I tried. She was fired. During one show, she brought up allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Cosby, was taken to her boss’s office, and was forced to apologize to her American dad on her speakerphone. Her past fan mails include bullets and dead fish.

Her enthusiastic atmosphere loved her to many fans and eventually gained her hard-earned reputation as a reputation turnaround artist with her best claims and constant work ethic. But her success did not make her any soft to her rich and famous person.

Wendy Williams in an interview with host Seth Meyers.
Wendy Williams in an interview with host Seth Meyers. Photo: NBC / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

In a live exchange with Whitney Houston in 2003, Williams did not hesitate to grill the legendary singer on substance abuse, domestic violence, and allegations of financial problems, and Houston did not retreat from the fight. It was. (This is the most talked-about interview Williams has ever done.) However, Williams has her own struggle with drug addiction, or her pregnancy problems, or her plastic surgery or. Did not hesitate to talk about her darience with the famous music industry type. She even if her radio show was done nationwide.

All the while, she was the leader of Charlamagnetha God, who became famous as Williams’ companion. A controversial post-trial interview with OJ Simpson in the studio was one of the few times Williams interrupted her innate skepticism and alienated her loyal followers. “Damn, I like you,” she said, after falling into the great looks and polish of ex-soccer. “Damn, OJ Simpson, you’re fascinating.”

Still, no one saw this sly pot stirrer welcoming the caller by rumbling “How you do in” on daytime TV. The Wendy Williams Show debuted on July 14, 2008, four days before her 44th birthday. Within a year, viewers across the country were tuned in large numbers to enjoy sparring matches with Omarosa and to pull out random accessories from wigs and jewelery. However, she can easily offend the audience with casual recklessness, such as when Beyonce dismissed the killing of TikTok’s idol Swavy and said, “It sounds like you’re educated in fifth grade.” I was able to do it.

However, many of Williams’ targets were also big fans. Some enjoyed the masochistic joy of sitting in the hot seat next to her, while others simply enjoyed welcoming the audience with the “Queen of All Media.” At the very least, both groups were guaranteed to get equal time to flush fresh leather on the cams of Williams shoes.

The cracks didn’t really start to appear until 2017, when Williams fainted on live television when he dressed as the Statue of Liberty on Halloween. Shortly thereafter, she disclosed a long-standing diagnosis of Graves’ disease, an immune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism, and her marriage to Kevin Hunter, her manager and talk show producer, collapsed publicly. Just before the pandemic, she revealed that she lived in a sober house. Earlier this year, Wells Fargo, Williams’ bank, frozen her account and requested the New York State Supreme Court to conduct a hearing to determine if her guardianship was needed.

The more gossip feed Williams’ own personal life became, the harder it seemed for her to appear at work. Yet for years, her loyal production team has continued the show with guest-hosted rotations, including legendary provocative actor Michael Rapaport. Hip-hop mogul Nick Cannon has landed his own daytime talk show with bargains. Sherri Shepherd will take over Williams’ time slot. Williams isn’t happy with this, but a few months ago her TV boss said she would leave the door open if Williams wanted to return.

What she does next is someone’s guess.She played herself in a feature film and made a Gonzo TV movie When A wilder documentary about her life, she participated in drag racing as a guest (to the astonishment of the queer community with her resentment for past crimes and her enthusiasm for going out with gay celebrities). She’s already growing her family, so she seems to be able to pop up to Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. But any relentless viewer knows that it will be less calm. Williams is a master soloist at best. She doesn’t care if she is chewing on her fat or the actual leftovers. The pre-recorded goodbye compliments should never have ended, and could never summarize notable television shows that may never match.

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