Leinster Nick McCarthy Appears as Gay and Thanks for Their Support | Leinster

Leinster’s scrum-half Nick McCarthy participated as a gay and thanked Leo Cullen and Stuart Lancaster for their “incredible” support. McCarthy added that he had previously considered quitting a professional rugby union because of his sexuality.

McCarthy, who shared the news publicly on Monday when he appeared to Karen, Lancaster and his teammates earlier this year, said his experience was “totally positive.” The 27-year-old added that he was inspired by the story of bisexual teammate Jack Dunn, as well as soccer player Josh Cavallo and American football player Karl Nasib.

“I had a hard time coming out for a while, and it was the right decision because it was starting to affect me and my happiness,” McCarthy told Leinster’s website. “It had a big impact on me, so I was suffering from my future and didn’t expect to be out when I was playing rugby, so I thought about leaving rugby altogether.

“It’s not common for male athletes to go into sports and not care about professional rugby. It’s probably something I didn’t want to believe or accept myself. Before discussing with others, myself I had to accept that I was gay. I have great friends in rugby, but I didn’t know how they would take it.

“My experience since I left was completely positive,” McCarthy added, telling Karen and Lancaster last November, before notifying his teammates in January. “I realized that anyone who cares about you wants you to be happy.”

Leinster and Irish captain Johnny Sexton are proud of McCarthy and said his teammates would be role models for others. “I’ve known Nick since he was in the academy, so it was hard to hear him talk to us so openly about his struggle, but we’re happy with Nick now. ..

“We talk a lot about taking care of our brothers here, and the last few months have been looking for Nick about it, and that will continue,” Sexton added. “By speaking frankly about his sexuality, Nick became a role model for others and we couldn’t be proud of him.”

Dan, a fellow Leinster, revealed his bisexuality last year. Almost at the same time, Nashib announced he was gay, a few months before Australia’s Cavallo shared his news and became a hot topic all over the world. Last month, Blackpool’s Jake Daniels was the first British-based male soccer player to appear gay since 1990.

“Leinster Rugby is built on brotherhood. It’s important that we are open and honest with each other,” McCarthy continued in a statement.

“I was obviously pretty nervous about doing that, but I’m really happy that I did it. They were all pleased with me, and it was immediately due to the weight from my shoulders. did.

“I felt they understood my situation,” added McCarthy, a former Irish international under the age of 20. “When you have something, it’s hard to get the best performance. It’s the same for all young people. For me it was my sexuality, for others it’s what’s at home , Or it could be studying, etc. “

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    “In a way, nothing has changed. That’s great,” he continued. “If one other child, seeing a Leinster Rugby player come out and be accepted, and continue the sport, that would be a great result.

    “From my experience, I want people to see that what comes out is really positive and the biggest hurdle may be in your own head. Anyone who cares for you is yours. Surround yourself with good people because you want the best for you.

    “Your sexuality is just one part of who you are, and when you can be yourself, life will be much better.”

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