LeBron James’ longtime assistant coach signed by the Lakers


After Durbinham’s arrival, the Lakers continue their process to fill the team’s coaching staff. According to Adrian Voinaroski, the board has confirmed that long-time NBA assistant Chris Jent will be Ham’s top aide next season.

Gent is an old acquaintance of Revlon. He worked with the player for four years when he was on the Cavs team from 2006 to 2011. At that time, he was responsible for helping improve LeBron’s shooting.

Gent has spent the last five seasons as a Hawks assistant, working with Ham on the Mike Budenholzer team in 2017-18. Since then, Gent and Ham have maintained a close relationship.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Gent was being considered for a job at the Lakers, along with Ham’s former Detroit Pistons teammate Rasheed Wallace. It’s currently unclear if Jent’s signature will prevent Sheed from competing for team bench positions. However, in an interview last week, Ham distracted the subject, but hinted that Seed could be part of the team.

Shortly after the season was over, the Lakers fired David Fizzdale, Mike Pembersey, and John Lucas III. Meanwhile, the board has left player development specialist Phil Handy on the committee. Initially, ESPN reported that the board also plans to maintain Quinton Crawford, but LA Times’ Brad Turner expects Crawford to join the Dallas Mavericks Jason Kidd team. I reported that.

Lakers Key Plans for NBA Draft

Now that the season is over and the Warriors have won the NBA championship, the next focus of the league’s team is on Thursday, the 23rd.

The Lakers will try to negotiate a second round pick as there are no picks in a team of several young people.

The overall question is who is willing to give up such a choice and what the price is.

As previously reported, the two teams can partner with the Lakers in this negotiation.

Via Lakers Daily:

“Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer analyzed speculation across the league and focused on some teams that might be willing to exchange picks.

“The Lakers are widely known for looking for a second round draft topic. The Hawks (# 44) and Pistons (# 46) have options that are considered available.

If the Lakers complete their contract with Detroit on their 46th pick, the Lakers will win the pick in a successful position.

Three years ago, the board exchanged rights for the 46th pick in that year’s draft, eventually bringing the young Talen Horton-Tucker to Los Angeles.

In 2014, the Lakers received the 46th pick from the Washington Wizards. It was used to select Jordan Clarkson. Clarkson soon became a Lakers impact player as a rookie, was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team, and won the Best Sixth Man Award last season.

Let’s see what Rob Pelinka and the company can do when the 23rd rolls back.

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