Know the most deadly infectious diseases of the year

THE Rabies is a deadly virus that infects people through the saliva of infected mammals. Some people think that humans are unlikely to get sick, but even with vaccines and immunoglobulins that help prevent rabies, about 70,000 people die each year worldwide.

Faced with a campaign to promote vaccination and disease death in Minas Gerais, Victor Vasconcelos Carnaúba Lima, a veterinary professor at Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal (UDF), said rabies can be transmitted by dog ​​bites, licks and scratches. Explaining a cat. The virus is considered extremely deadly and serious to both animals and humans.

What are the symptoms?

According to the professor, the symptoms of the infection are neurological, and humans can exhibit behavioral changes, difficulty exercising, or paralysis of parts of the body. Large amounts of saliva, dysphagia, and even cardiopulmonary arrest. “This is a deadly disease that causes death in 99.99% of cases in both animals and humans. Therefore, by vaccination and vaccination of production animals such as livestock and cattle, we can self-vaccine ourselves. It is important to prevent. ”

In addition to vaccination, it is also important to avoid contact with unknown animals, especially the most aggressive animals. Being the main contributor to rabies in wild and rural areas, it is also essential to take care of environmental areas where many vampire bats (blood eaters) are present.

I got infected, what is it now?

If the infection has already developed, it is very important to follow some steps. “First, the area of ​​the accident needs to be washed with soap and water, and in order to start post-exposure vaccine protocol and serum therapy, one should immediately find the nearest health center or infectious disease referral hospital. It is advisable to isolate the suspicious animal for 10 days and observe for the symptoms characteristic of mad dog disease and death, “says the professor.

Professor Victor also warns of the importance of vaccination and precautions. There are two types of protocols. Pre-exposure consisting of two doses + a serological test demonstrating the production of antibodies against the rabies virus, and post-exposure when a person is attacked by an animal. Up to 5 doses and more serum therapy. The severity of the accident can affect the form of medication and vaccination, and only the doctor can evaluate each case and define the best method. ”

Can I get it from my pet?

Pets can get rabies, but the risk is low because it is understood that this animal lives in a home environment and is not in contact with other suspicious street animals. The first step in knowing if an animal has rabies is to find out if it has been bitten or attacked by another dog, cat, or bat. If not, the chances are zero. Vaccines are mandatory and should be given annually.


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