Justice has determined that DF supplies hormones to transgender teenagers

The Federal District Court (TJDFT) has established the understanding that transgender children and adolescents have the right to receive medication from the Unified Medical System (SUS) to block the production of sex hormones.

Law was born with a man of biological gender, but the whole of the Court’s Third Civil Commission in determining the case of a teenager who identified her as a girl from the age of five. Supported by a consensus decision.

Teenagers were diagnosed with gender identity, a condition characterized by discomfort with sexual characteristics. Later, a doctor accompanying the teenager prescribed an puberty suppressant.

However, the defender refused to provide the drug, forcing the young woman to file a proceeding to receive treatment. But initially, the claim was rejected. The author appealed because the drug was standardized and provided by the Ministry of Health (SES).

The transgender girl also argued that the drug would allow her to reaffirm her gender identity in addition to preventing mental illness. The federal district argued in its defense that plaintiffs’ allegations were not legal. This is because it is only experimentally permitted at SUS universities and reference hospitals.

When analyzing the resources, the class observed that there were specific signs from both the Brazilian Society of Endocrine Metabolism and the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics about the use of drugs for the treatment of adolescents with gender discomfort. In addition, according to the university, plaintiffs meet the technical requirements to receive relief.


“In the case under analysis, there is normal adolescent maturity within the age of a 14-year-old teenager, but her psychological distress is due to the correlation effect of gender personality development not recognized by the teenager. “Transgender population,” he recorded.

According to the class, prescription drugs are “the pharmacological effect, suppression of puberty, desired by the team that assists the patient in question, given the special gender conditions that require special medical care.”

“Given the federal medical council’s recommendations for adolescent block and hormone therapy, given that there is no specific clinical protocol for transgender adolescents within the scope of SUS or federal district health centers, is concrete. It is a hormonal gap in the pharmacological prescription that deserves to be met due to the adequacy of public policies already foreseen in the case. “

Classes include guidelines from the Ministry of Health for the acceptance of transgender people and the system of public health policies for the LGBT population, in addition to the compilation of guidelines for the care of transgender people by the Federal Medical Council. I remembered something.

In the decision, the university also said, “There is no legal ban on prescribing medicines for off-label use, especially if the risk of health hazards or ineffective treatment of the patient’s illness has not been demonstrated.” I emphasized.

The judge pointed out that scientific research points to both the efficacy and safety of treatment. Therefore, the Panel granted plaintiffs’ appeal ordering the federal district to supply the drug triptorelin 3.75 mg, despite the recommendations of the deputy physician.

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