JG Falcade: Mambamentality and Enchanted Palmeiras

If you were from Palmeiras, your Monday night was atheistic. But be honest with me. At least it’s always been in your head that you could draw that classic. More than emotional hope, it was factual certainty. You know your team is tough enough to seek landscape changes even in the worst of situations. We also know that this was not always the case. Otherwise, Palmeiras would have lost in the ball and in his heart after little justice on the field. no more.

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Kobe Bryant is one of my heroes. His passage to another plane still makes me sad and indignation, but he left behind a legacy that did not dust or hide under the mattress at that time. Enthusiastic about winning, he has always been a great example of my patience. Even with gifts, his glory is due to his extremely hard work, complete delivery, and self-confidence in his physical, technical and spiritual training process. It’s no wonder it has a concept called mamba mentality.

Kobe, who praised No. 8 when he was already carrying the No. 24 shirt, decided to participate in the joke that appeared on Twitter with the hashtag #mambamentality. He saw the classic Kill Bill, especially the scene where toxic snakes were used for murder. Brian observed that the animal’s “mechanism of action” was very accurate, focused, and silent. How hard was it, but was it an effective job? And how she was able to change her skin – how a man changes his identity over the years.

Since then, Mamba has become codenamed and mentality has won the world of supporters, including myself. I haven’t played the sport well, but decided to use it in other ways. One of his favorite concepts was that the unpredictable couldn’t be part of the winner.

Without studying, preparing or practicing, you leave the results to your destiny. I do not follow my destiny.

Kobe Bryant, his book “Mamba Mentality”.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Palmeiras, have you heard someone from your near cycle with a similar speech? Who has the true determination to succeed with hard work and faithfully believes that surrender is the only guarantee that a sportsman needs to approach achievement?

We can’t guarantee victory because every team wins or loses, but working hard, training, studying what you need, and doing it when you need it can be a pinch to your destiny. Our parts will be less vulnerable.

Abel Ferreira at a press conference.

There are fatal similarities here. Kobe has won everything he can. He fought when his body wanted to stop. He trained harder than any other man who tried to play basketball. He wanted to go beyond the rational and the healthy, he never knew how to enjoy it because he was already thinking about the next fight. In his farewell match, he scored 60 points. This is a completely eerie feat, but it is rarely celebrated. It was a few minutes of relief and peace of mind, but it was already frustrating because it was his last.

Abel is recognized as a man at the beginning of his career and has a lot to live with, but he already has one of the world’s largest and most intense football communities in his pocket of absolute idolatry. Before he was fifty, he was twice as old as he was, and a little more than three times as much as he was in the greatest position in club history. He is respected for working. He has been criticized for Palmeiras’s passion and his own blood, but is stubborn and unable to celebrate.

My wife always tells me that I suffered defeat and did not enjoy the victory. And that’s true. I don’t know if it’s my creation, I’m like that. I don’t want to lose, so I suffer when I lose. But if I win, I’m already turning the page. Players celebrate 24 hours, but not at that time. When the victory is over, there is a new victory.

Abel Ferreira after Palmeiras defeats Botafogo 4-0.

(Photo: Play / Dear Basketball)

Accept to hear from Palmeiras many years ago that your team had an unmarked penalty, allowed a hand goal in a night game at Full Morumbi, and still would have turned the game around. mosquito? Without getting angry, losing your head, or trying to “compensate” for mistakes? This happened last night. With embezzlement, the whole scenario is very unlikely to win, and you believed it would be. And so are they. And at work, the victory has arrived – already in the second half 50.

How many balls were trained for southpaw Gustavo Scarpa to put Gomez on the second pole of the right cross? How many chances did Murilo have to score and how many corner moves did he have? How many lectures were there so that emotions wouldn’t go into the field negatively and lose focus to reverse the problem? It’s no wonder, and you know it’s not.

Kobe said he didn’t regret the night that ended early for him because he had to go to the gym before dawn, the night Larry O’Brien leaned on his NBA champion’s shoulders. How is it reflected?

Many say they want to be great, but they are not willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve greatness. One of the main points is that you have to work hard in the dark to illuminate the light. You need to fight and be competitive with the situations that arise. Anyone who has worked hard knows that there is a way to go.

Kobe Bryant, his book “Mamba Mentality”.

Finally, there is an aspect of the game called TALENT. Let’s be very honest here. Palmeiras is not the most talented team in Brazil. Kobe wasn’t the most talented person of his generation (I disagree with it, but he claims he wasn’t!), But they’re one called work. Very similar in that. Hungry, they never stop wanting to win. Winning leagues, tournaments and games is not enough. They always want more, want the next, vibrate and surrender as if it were the first time. And they are not happy – they are working.

These guys are not afraid.

I wasn’t afraid to lose it or be confused. I was always focused on the fact that I had to try something to get it, and once I did it, I had another tool in my arsenal. It doesn’t matter if the price is too much work. It’s important to remember. It is the fear of failure and self-embarrassment that prevents many from achieving or pursuing their goals. I have made many mistakes in my life. And that’s why I succeeded.

This text could be from the greatest Michael Jordan ever, or from Kobe, a genius living in heaven. And it’s all a gathering. They are excerpts from all and form one sentence. That is their way of working, each with its grandeur and history, but fate intersects with love for work.

It’s an honor to say that my team has something to do with Mamba Mentality and that my hero, Kobe Bryant, can have the same text as the Palmeiras idol.

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