Jayson Tatum’s Astral Hell

Jayson Tatum’s 2021-22 season ended when it began: in Astral Hell.Star asked by Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics sank, he play offHowever, the situation changed at the end of December. Since then, camia 0 has understood what Ime Udoka wants and everything has improved. It’s not OK, but it’s now leading one of the biggest comebacks in history at the NBA.

Tatum expanded production as he sought more companions rather than attempting isolated bids. He went from 3.7 assists in his first 33 games to 4.9 assists in the next 43 games. His three-shoot has also improved, from the annoying 32.8% in December to 37.2%. So the Celtics evolved with him. Anyway, he was the ideal first team material for the league.

But arrived play off The series against Brooklyn Nets was incredible, but he didn’t work as expected.First, it was his decisive basket in the first game play offFrom there, put pressure on the net. The first round then ended with a cleanup of the team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.


It may or may not be an excuse. Many depend on interpretation, but Jayson Tatum has recorded the worst hit rate since he injured his shoulder in Game 3 of the Conference Finals. Tatum stopped production and began to further personalize his aggressive play.

In Match 4 against the Miami Heat, he got worse with shooting and recorded one hit in seven attempts. However, his usage was exactly the same as in the third match. In the next heat match, Tatum scored 26.0 points, 10.3 rebounds and 6.3 assists, but his attack error was 4.7.

When the Celtics won and passed the stage, no one put it as a question mark. That was a bad thing, but it wasn’t enough to question his performance.

Kobe Bryant Truck

Of course, those who analyze basketball games from a statistical point of view and from the player’s behavior on the court have found something wrong with the ongoing astral hell, Jayson Tatum.

But then the smoke screen came.

Tatum used Kobe Bryant’s sash in Round 7 of the Conference Finals against the Miami Heat. Until then, everything is fine. He was celebrating his idol who died in January 2020. But this helped double the criticism of him.

Not for the game, but for the belt of a former Los Angeles Lakers player.

For those who don’t know, the Boston Celtics’ biggest rival is, to be exact, the Lakers.

Traditionally, the Lakers were tied in the NBA title (17), played in 12 finals (9 wins in Boston), Larry Bird x Magic Johnson, and reissued the 2008 and 2010 decisions. And support vise and vice versa.

In the end, the crowd set foot on the right player, but for the wrong reason.

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amount of sales

Jayson Tatum’s attack errors are becoming more frequent. While he is playing for the team and looking for his teammates amount of sales It was controlled. But such failures were repeated too when he wanted to enter the opposite lane, jump into the basket, and finally decide all play by passing the ball around.

They were always similar plays.

Tatum infiltrates, finds the “wall” of the marking, hands the ball into the opponent’s hand, and continues to fight back. That happened most, but he either failed to get the ball out or the ball hit his hand or foot and left. Overall, a horror show.

Against the Golden State Warriors, but he is less amount of sales (3.8) More than the Miami Heat (4.7).

But do you know what the difference is? When the team wins, the mistake goes under the rug. Its transitional “easy” layups he missed against the heat were much lighter than the NBA Finals.

Of course it is, but it shouldn’t.

Suspicious leadership

The search for the criminal begins from the moment the team loses.And of course, if your best player isn’t performing All NBAHe will be a very easy target.

Then they began to question his leadership, his ability to improve his teammates. They also said he was a regular season player, play offIgnore the fact that Jayson Tatum has had a 2.4 attack error in the last 50 playoff games and has never fallen into such an “astral hell”, even if he is not a real title candidate.

Is it yellow?

Each player has a way to deal with adversity. Some can motivate and lead the team to victory, while others feel pressured. And if you have something to worry about, like your shoulders, things get worse.

I don’t think he booked or Jayson Tatum was a regular season player. His number of careers does not prove it.

The comparison is just to show what happened to the other players, right? Don’t get out of context, I’m not saying he’s that good.

Michael Jordan was asked because he was unable to raise the level of competitiveness of his Chicago Bulls colleagues for years. They also said he couldn’t be the champion because he didn’t have that mark, as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird had.

please calm down. Few people talked about the defensive benefits of markers.

He is very young, talented and has other opportunities to return to play in the finals. He turned on the warning signal, but nothing can’t evolve over the next few years.

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