“I’ve been dead since 2016,” says Kevin Durant.

Fans who won the Golden State Warriors title at the Boston Celtics last Thursday (16) said they would “poke” Kevin Durant on social media and said his legacy at the NBA was dead. .. This is because the San Francisco team won again, but this time there was no veteran star who participated in the last two conquests of the Warriors.

For many, Durant was the main player in the Golden State in the 2017 and 2018 victory campaigns. On the other hand, by winning in the absence of a star, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green formed the base, raising questions about the veteran of the final title.

After the conquest, fans tweeted about the topic. “Kevin Durant’s legacy has just died. Now he’s just a man between Harrison Barnes and Andrew Wiggins. The man who left the Beatles.”

Therefore, Durant emphasized refuting the comments in an ironic tone. “I have died since July 4, 2016, congratulations! Dub“. The date the player commented refers to the day he left Oklahoma City Thunder for the Warriors.

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Durant, who won two rings at the Warriors, joined the franchise in 2016, shortly after the first title of the current generation in 2015. He then left the Brooklyn Nets team after losing to the Toronto Raptors in the 2015 finals. As a result of 2019, Stephen Curry currently has four titles. Two with Durant and two without winger.

Then another fan went further and asked Durant directly how he felt about being in the shadow of another player. “How do you feel that you aren’t loved by any of the fans of the team that won the title in a row because you couldn’t avoid playing in the shadows of everyone whenever you got the chance?”

Kevin Durant was short and candid in his part: “Love kills you.”

Recently, commentator and former player Charles Barkley also talked about the possibility that Kevin Durant’s legacy at the NBA is dead. Even before the Warriors title this season, he said the star’s career would be hurt just because the team reached another decision.

“The success of the Golden State certainly undermines Kevin’s legacy. It has a significant effect as players recognize it. LeBron James, for example, wins the title without Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. He said he felt the need. Kobe Bryant also admitted Shaquille O’Neal, so he won’t get the credits he deserves until he wins as a leader. “

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