“It tastes like an egg, it smells like an egg, but it’s not an egg.” An innovative Portuguese product that doesn’t come out of chicken-Vida

The palate is reminiscent of chicken eggs. It tastes, smells and textures the same, but it’s not a traditional egg. Rather, it is an innovative product manufactured 100% from plant extracts, without the use of preservatives.

“We are working on a development that mimics chicken eggs from soybeans. It is a plant with physicochemical properties that can produce egg-like final products. Egg-like scent, egg-like. It tastes, but it’s not an egg, “emphasizes Daniel Abegão, one of Plantalicious’s partners.

Working together with nutritional, biochemical and engineering experts, this “egg” composition contains soybeans in addition to other botanical extracts. To reduce total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides, “state-owned enterprises are focusing on developing plant-based products, he said in a statement.

Nutritional value was another bet. “We have created an excellent product that is technically correct and healthy. Daniel Abegan, Manager and Technical Manager of the CFER (Food Education and Research Center) in Alcobaca, said: increase.

Plantalicious partner Mayla Araújo says the creation of the first liquid version of Portugal, a chicken egg-like product, was inspired by the growth of the vegan market around the world.

“Plant-based alternatives are a progressive trend in the global economy. Market research has shown that there are gaps in the Portuguese market. Even vegetarians, vegans, or even people with egg allergies. There was no choice on the market. We created a product that has a sensual value close to that of chicken eggs and appeals to all tastes, “proven researchers and gastronomic scientists.

With various possibilities for gastronomic use, Plantalicious has developed research for future use in pastries and bakeries.

A Portuguese company also announced that the liquid vegetable “egg” should enter the domestic market “at the beginning of the second semester”.

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