Ideal Lakers-Online Trading with Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook


As you may already know, the Lakers are reported to be one of the teams interested in acquiring Kyrie Irving if Point Guard does not sign an extension of the contract with Nets.

Killy has $ 36.6 million worth of player options next season. However, if Killy and Nets do not reach an agreement, the player may become an unlimited free agent or the board may attempt to trade him in a “sign and trade” transaction.

The Lakers have commercial limitations due to the series of transactions they have made in the past and the lack of substantial financial flexibility of the team. In order for the Lakers to have a chance with a point guard, they would have to wait for him to choose his contract before negotiating. The “sign and trade” deal will trigger a team cap, and the board will end the roster with minimum wage players around the new trio for the next season.

Economically, if the Lakers struggle to make a successful deal, there is another way to get point guard this offseason through the next deal.

Welcome the Lakers: Kyrie Irving and Joe Harris.

Net Pickup: Russell Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker, 2027 1st and 2nd round picks.

In this scenario, the Lakers significantly improve the three pointers around Revlon and AD, making Durbinham’s “four-out” system a success. Killy (39.3% career 3 pointers) and Harris (43.9%) are far better shots than Westbrook (30.5%) and THT (27.6%).

Harris’ $ 75 million four-year contract, which lasts until 2023-24, no longer looks so reasonable after a 30-year-old misses almost the entire 2021-22 season due to ankle surgery. But when he’s healthy, he’s an effective 3D winger that the Lakers lacked last season.

Horton-Tucker, who has a three-year $ 31 million contract and one year left to player options, has a fascinating potential despite the decline in trading value after a volatile season. The net is now in win mode, so the board will probably ask young talent to make such a deal.

Rumors about Killy are still very shallow, but if the Lakers’ interests are genuine, this could be a package that Rob Perinka can offer to the Brooklyn team.

Is it worth it? The following comments.

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